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    1. EyeEatWheaties
      How Can I Put Images In My Auctions?

      There are 3 methods you can use to put images in your auctions:

      Method #1 --
      Enter the URL for your image in the Image URL box when you start your new auction. When using eBay™, this is how you get the little green icon to show up with your listing. You must enter the complete URL for your image, it will look something like this: http://www.ranchoweb.com/buttons/rw.gif ... (Obviously you change the URL to the URL for YOUR picture!)

      Method #2 --
      Put the following HTML tag in the item description box when you start your auction:

      <IMG SRC="http://www.ranchoweb.com/buttons/rw.gif">.

      You can repeat this HTML tag for each image you want to include in your listing. If you want a line break after each image, you can put a <BR> tag after it as well.

      Method #3 --
      Use the ranchoweb.com Fancy Ad Generator.
      It is fast and FREE!!!
    2. rlm's cents
      rlm's cents
      You are an intelligent knowledgeable collector and person. You have a lot to contribute to this forum and any other you chose to participate in. However, you will get a lot further if you talk TO people in stead of AT them.
    3. coinswithsmiles
      I EAT WHEATIES 2!!!!!
      sorry im so bored
    4. rexesq
      Wheat cent question.... How much would a roll of 1943 steel cents cost these days?
    5. stealer
      Just as a heads up, not everyone likes blast white coins. A lot of people collect toned/tarnished coins for there "original" surfaces. When coins are dipped, a thin layer of the surface is removed, which is why the coins are brilliant white again. It's true that just because a coin is toned/tarnished doesn't mean it has an original surface however.

      Point is, even if it looks brilliant white, it doesn't hold a higher value than its grade.
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