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Apr 1, 2022
Sep 15, 2009
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Duke Kavanaugh

The Big Coin Hunter, from USA

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Apr 1, 2022
    1. Squaredeal
    2. Clintfann
      Got george Washington 1789 1st president 1789 coin for sale the real deal now medal real coin 5177369282/8305404042
    3. Clintfann
      I have a 1789 1st president USA 1797 George Washington trying to sell it anyone intrested call5127369282/8305404042 ask for Clint fann
    4. Kirkuleez
      Hi Duke,

      I'm new to the forum here, but have been a long time collector. I see that you work with Duke energy, I work for Checkpoint pumps. I wonder if we have ever crossed paths before. Just wanted to say hi.

      Kirk Haik
    5. Zeplyn
      Hello Duke (John Wayne)

      I just bought my third banknote and it was a "J" note 1934 C.
      I really would like to get your opinion on it since you collect them.
      It is in the Thread What is the most you have paid for a banknote (currency)

      Thank you.
    6. krispy
      My wishes to you and your family for a splendid holiday. Sincere regards, Chris.
    7. krispy
      Hi Duke, I hope all is going well for you and that you have a nice Thanksgiving holiday this week.

      I've missed your prescience in the paper money threads lately. Things are quite around those parts of CT with so many folks pulling out this year. You always surprise us with so many great notes to show off. Don't be a stranger. :thumb:
    8. coppermania
      Hey *****, Are you still wanting to attend the FUN show. If you are, what are your plans? Want to hang out a little? Let me know whats up ok,
    9. Coinguy56
      Aloha, I noticed you placed first on 2 of my guess the grades and alot of RLM's polls. I also see you guess the right grade about 70 percent of the time from my experience. Dude, I have to say, your a great coin grader for our polls.
    10. CashDude
      You asked who Joe is in a thread. He is a troll on here in the introductions and error forums. He has at least 20 accounts and makes a new one every few days. He'll claim to be a doctor, lawyer, coin store owner, etc. All kinds of BS. He has terrible grammar and posts copyrighted photos of coins claiming they are his. The owners of this site refuse to do anything about him.
    11. 10gary22
      Man that scribe was way cool. But I was trying to tell him that old tools may have a big value. My dad has a plane with an adjustable base, so it cal plane a rounded surface like a handrail. I have seen one not as nice as his go for thousands. Seems it was a special ordered item and very few custom made back in the day ?

      Man that was great though !
    12. pilgrimcoin
      Let me ask you a quick question if you don't mind. How does the advertisment banners work here it tells me to put in a dollar amount and the give me credits. It's to cheap I don't think I understand it right.
    13. mpcusa
      Hi Duke,

      That guy has unlimited funds!! All of his notes are super High Dollar!!
      But really i think he needs to make a change on his TPG
    14. mpcusa
      Hi Duke,

      Come take my test!!
    15. mpcusa
      Hi Duke,

      Your note went out today! Enjoy!
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    I was born to love Coins and Currency :D

    Most Us coins and currency


    Collecting District Set $1-$20 Series 1928-present + Stars
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