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Mar 14, 2018
Oct 12, 2005
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Jan 16, 1957 (Age: 63)
London. UK

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De Orc

Well-Known Member, 63, from London. UK

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Mar 14, 2018
    1. connor1
      Hi De Orc,
      Being first was a little nerve wracking but well worth the very positive comments from people who have much more experience than me in currency ! I'm glad you liked my presentation and will being looking forward to yours also.Today already Dready will be our 2 presentation so stay tuned on the PM Forum for more presentations to come.
      RickieB has been so much help for me and our group in making this new novel idea of this forum come to fruition .Please spread the word to join in :
    2. eddyk
      What is this new credits and bank thing?
      Ive not seen it before.

    3. c v padmanabhan
      c v padmanabhan
      I tried to send you the photos of coins.It is not possible with this sight.please advice
      C V Padmanabhan
    4. Andyj
      Hi De Orc,
      Thanks alot for the info on the Indian cardboard coins thats the first I've seen and it seems that not much info on them anyway. Andy
    5. mrbrklyn
      You have a spam robot out of control
    6. SirCharlie
      Hi Steve,

      I got a notification in my email about a post on eBay, and I think it would be great to post somewhere on CoinTalk. Where would be the best place to put it? Or could you please post somewhere for all to see? I think it would be of great service for all to know what goes on! It is posted in full on eBay Code of Conduct.
      Thank you,

      Regarding altered coins, there is more at stake than a "Code of Conduct." It is illegal to alter a coin to make it worth more. Cleaning or polishing lowers the value of a coin, so this would not be an illegal alteration. Removing a mint mark or changing a number in a date would be illegal if it made the coin more valuable.
      Take a look at the pictures in these two listings in separate browser tabs: 280331149022 and 260379427649. Now go from tab to tab and compare the pictures. Does this look like the same coin? It was bought for $23 as an 1894-O and sold as an 1894 KEY DATE for $520.
    7. temmy24k
    8. snaz
      Hiya Steve. How've you been?
      I can't help but notice we are the night lurkers, :p
      You just post more then I do...
    9. Simcoe
      De Orc
      Very impressive notes you've shared. Picture quality fantastic. I'm currently digitizing my collection and will share when completed. One of my nicest pieces is my Canadian 1954 series 1 through 1000 dollar notes, in my opinion AU condition. So much to share don't know where to start.
    10. HAGOP
      Hello De Orc,What is the coin in your avatar?Is it a gold coin? Is it a swiss coin?
      It's beautiful.
    11. UFO1
      what a cool site !
    12. mrbrklyn
      Hey Orc

      Can you lock that thread up which has far more than spun out of control.

    13. wreidjr
      He De Orc what a lovely collection but a bit out of my expertise. I specialize British Colonial banknotes, US MPCs and obsolete banknotes. I also like to collect odd shaped coins such as the Bermuda Triangle coins. Haven't seen a 5 ouncer for quite some time now.
    14. mrbrklyn
      Hey Orc, which branch did you serve in?

    15. Mumbapuri
      Hi De_Orc, thx for sharing the 2 and 5Pnd pics. amazing gallery u have on the omni site...
      I somehow miss the GV and GVI coins, i like them the best espcially GV... IMHO these were the best looking coins issued by the brits.. new Q ElizII with the older pic somehow isnt that appealing. the first coins of QEII were better than the those of today :)
      Again appreciate your work!
    16. RickieB

    17. Moustan
      As you're the Commissar so you have the role of executing us minions if we lose the faith?
    18. randygeki
    19. eddyk
      Could you please tell me any coin shops are stalls in London...some which I could easily access via the tube?

      I find myself in London often and don't know of any coin places.
    20. Moustan
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