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Jun 29, 2016
Sep 16, 2005
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Jun 28, 1900 (Age: 123)
GIS/CAD Technician II

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Supporter**, 123, from Michigan

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Jun 29, 2016
    1. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Happy Birthday Daggarjon,

      According to our records today is your birthday.

      Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    2. Taylor101
      Happy Birthday!
    3. acsf89
      trick or treat & happy halloween
      from your friend: acsf89
    4. tmoneyeagles
      Happy Birthday Jon :)
      Hope you are okay my friend.
    5. Billy Kingsley
      Billy Kingsley
      Jon, have not seen you on here in a while, I hope you are OK!
    6. rjbeck
      Hi,hope you are doing well.I posted new pics, For some reason the site wouldn't let me use larger pics on the slabbed notes.Take care Randy
    7. jessash1976
      Hey thanks for showing up Sunday. I really appreciate the support. I will try to get something together in the future for something else. You seem like a cool guy. Even for a CAD engineer. :)
    8. Mr. Coin Lover
      Mr. Coin Lover
      The other day you started a thread on some American Indian coins. By the time I saw it you were off line and I guess it slipped by you. First, I thought they were very nice looking, and my question was how and where are they marketed?
    9. Mr. Coin Lover
      Mr. Coin Lover
      Like your site as well as your comments.
    10. commidaddy
      lol thanks...appreciate the color...wait..i mean the plain text. haha
    11. Daggarjon
      sounds good :) Since i dont have many world coins, yet, i dont have many dup's ... i should though as i accumulate more world coins over the next few months :)
    12. Luis
      We should swap sometime. Next christmas I'll go to Portugal and I can bring several coins. Euro coins too. All pocket change.
    13. Luis
      haha, that reminds me of similar deals I did. Also in middle school, this guy's parents got divorced and he snatched his dad's coin collection :D anyway, he used KM#578 (!!!) coins to play fooseball. Fooseball used to cost the equivalent to 10 american cents. I paid him twice that amount for each coin. He thought that was an awesome deal. So did I. I got a 1940 one, about XF. Some time later I found out how much it's worth :D

      I have about 1000 world coins, but the thing is I count US coins as world coins :P I have almost 400 US coins.
    14. Daggarjon
      My world coins collection is actually quite small. I might have 200-300 or so. I got alot of world coins from a fellow collector on this forum :) but when i was a kid in junior high school, i had a classmate whose brother was a sailor in the navy. As his brother traveled the world, he would send home coins from alot of the countries he visited. My friend would bring the coins in and i would buy them at face value... for example, i have a 1975 $5.00 Portugal coin, sheild on front with denomination, ship on back KM#-591.... since it had a '5' on it, i paid 5 cents :) so i got alot of bargains back then.. but neither of us knew any better so we were both happy.
    15. Luis
      Will do ;) How do you get your world coins? Your collection seems huge.
    16. Luis
      Cool site you have :)
    17. RickieB
      Jonathan....your notes finally went out today!! Sorry for the long wait! It has been busy!!

    18. snaz
      heres the link, they all work for the bottom half of the page but not for the top half.
      Nice Site!
    19. snaz
      Hey Daggarjon, just wanted you let you know, the links to go to the next page on your website for the currency section are not working. They work on the bottom 3 rows, but nothing higher than that.
      Nice site! Its on my favorites list.
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    Jun 28, 1900 (Age: 123)
    GIS/CAD Technician II
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