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    1. Tsim60
      Hi I put a 1968 dime picture up in the gallery in the 1994 page 5/4 coin down 94 has two eyes I believe and I don't know what's up with the time but the dime is still in the midst set that I got 1968 Mint set still in the plastic just wondering what you would think of that
    2. steven bagliore
      steven bagliore
      hi contender,question?im collecting us coins mmm about 6years;im getting into gold eagle sets of4!my delemma-better value certified ms70 for $5k or uncertified from us mint $3k or just buy uncert&pay for certification?regards&ty steve bagliore age 70 not 2 bright
      1. Conder101
        I'm afraid I am not the proper person to ask about this. I dislike the concept the slabbed coins, I don't like gold, and I do not believe buying coins with the hope of making money on them is a good idea.
        Aug 27, 2019
    3. Willysilver
      Whats the maximum weight that the us mint allows for a 1962 d Lincoln memorial cent ive found one that weighs 3.30 grams hthank u
    4. Marshall
      think I've discovered what would be a Sheldon 1794 12H.

      This brings up an interesting situation since Breen considered Sheldons 11 and 12 to be the same obverse after a retooling. If the obverse is confirmed to be either the 12 or Breen's retooled die state of 10 (Sheldons 11 & 12), would it be considered a new variety or a unique die state of Sheldon's S-30?
    5. GSDykes
      As you know the Krause catalogues show very little mintage numbers for world aluminum coins. Does anybody (NGC follows Krause et cetera)? And, is there any way to brighten up an old aluminum coin? (Maybe polishing cloth?). Finally, the white (oxidation?) spots, any known way to remove them, on aluminum coins? Thank you,
      Gary Dykes in Washington
    6. GSDykes
      You have many World Coins, yet I have not seen any posts from you displaying some of the more interesting ones. Nor have I seen any of your "new" acquisitions. Perhaps you quit acquiring??
    7. girldly
      Thank you for your help. You are wise...and we appreciate your advice. As soon as the coin comes back from Grading, I will let you know.
    8. mlov43
    9. willymac
      thank you for your help - i posted a few more of the 3 cent peces
    10. LostDutchman
    11. rlm's cents
    12. kbabyjohnson01
      Thanks for the input/advice on my '89 Lincoln in Error Coins thread. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. God Bless! :)
    13. protovdo
      I'm interested in know more about what you do. In respect to your slabs and the varieties. If you wish, maybe start a dialogue? e-mail is
    14. Marshall
      Did you have a chance to look at the "1798 28 DD" on the Misfit coins thread? Am I reaching on a coin which is really too far gone?
    15. WhereEaglesDare
      Do you have any scans of your Ration Token sets that I could see?
    16. krispy
      Hello Conder, Is your ANACS website mentioned in some of the old threads still available online? Do you have a URL? Or is your book still for sale? PDF versions available? I have a question about how one can read ANACS barcodes. The ANACS web site does have reference tables regarding barcodes and grading but it's unclear to me how, without a barcode scanner and their database, one would decipher their barcodes and be able to understand what their codes were in assessing a grade. Is this proprietary information and not simply decoded? Thank you in advance.
    17. HAGOP
      Thank you for letting me know the informations about the Regan's set.
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