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Jan 25, 2018
Aug 14, 2008
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April 17

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Coin Collector, Male

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Jan 25, 2018
    1. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Happy Birthday Collect89,

      According to our records today is your birthday.

      Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    2. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Happy Birthday Collect89,

      According to our records today is your birthday.

      Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    3. Alegandron
      Happy Bday!
    4. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Happy Birthday Collect89,

      According to our records today is your birthday.

      Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    5. Brett_in_Sacto
      I saw that you collect Costa Rican counterstamps. I ran across a bunch I got at auction and was wondering if you might be interested in taking a look and shedding some light for me? I've got a few in each of 25c, 50c, and colon. Cheers!
    6. Kevinfred
      Thanks for your advise on the cracking out -- that's how I'll do the next
    7. jello
    8. Bambooski
      I love your profile pic;)
    9. tpattonjr
      Hey dood, I would like to buy some of ypur error coins! Im looking for off centered coins with dates!
    10. marbury518
    11. Dave M
      Dave M
      I've made an email account which is forwarded to your aol account. If you can change your CT registration to this account, all the email thru CT should appear on your aol account, but will have come from, which hopefully aol won't block.

      I'm copying your email on this, so you should also receive it through the account. If you don't see it in your aol email, let me know because it wouldn't have been set up right if you don't.

    12. jello
      :yes:my 1st wife was a Redhead & burn me for my 1961 HD after 6month of marriage.
      No more redheads for me!!!:dead-horse:

      :eek:Hey CRAZY Joe/ jazzcoins is back so watch what u post.will try to sell it if the photo has holder#..
    13. saltysam-1
      In regards to your reply about Civil War tokens; does your contact plan to be at the ANA Convention in Chicago? I have put off my search right now feeling the convention would offer a great venue for their purchase. The four principle cities in each state, are towns I have either worked in or lived in. In general, my token collection is an offshoot from my US coin collection. Therefor, I add pieces as I stumble upon them verses me specifically looking for them. These store card tokens are the reverse of my usual thinking, but I have a list of "items of interest" that I'm taking to the convention. These are part of it.
    14. rzage
      Love your Washington error , what a cool error coin .
    15. applebar
      Thx u for the suggestions on south American slabs and the pics
      Of your fab coins!
    16. TokenTinker
      Hello Collect89!

      I saw your 1976 Bicentennial error Quarter (missing Clad Layers). Your Quarter matches one in my possession - though yours in slightly better condition as mine does show some good circulation dings and corrosive aging. Still - all the details is there from the lettering to the reeding to the ribbon in George's hair the drumsticks on the reverse. I've seen some pretty high prices for 1974 missing clad layer Quarters but I haven't the foggiest what possible price ranges might apply to my 1976 error. Do you have any notion as to what range I'm looking at? Should I keep it in my collection or hand it off to my son for his? (Note - I primarily am a collector of tokens)

      Thank you,
      TokenTinker aka Clark
    17. mac266
      Please tell me the story behind your avatar. I'm not normally into errors, but that one certainly grabs my attention!!!
    18. tommyob
      Hi , I'm trying to find out information about a cent that i have missing in god we trust. You seem to now about error coins. could you help?
    19. seanq
      Good morning,

      We met in the parking garage on Saturday afternoon at Coin Fest. I'm a fellow error collector, I was with my 10yr old daughter. I'm finally getting around to joining this forum and looking you up. Drop me a note and introduce yourself when you have a chance. Sean Reynolds
    20. volker00
      Cool! I am still kinda new to coin collecting, so I am sticking to the basics now. I'm trying to complete a wheat back cent set. I've been kept fairly busy going through my parents old coins. Anyways, that V nickel is awesome.
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    April 17
    Coin collector since 1965 with experience in several fields including error coins, Liberty Nickels, and US Type Coins. I also enjoy collecting milled coins of the World and began studying ancient material in the last few years.

    I like to glean the bourse floor and purchase coins & books that speak to me.


    "All of us are smarter than any one of us"
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