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May 3, 2005
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Jul 23, 2013
    1. coinswithsmiles
      ur name is so cool!!
      im jealous!!=]
    2. krispy
      My wishes to you and your family for a splendid holiday. Sincere regards, Chris.
    3. Cloudsweeper99
      Thanks. I hope you had a nice holiday also. Getting good investment results isn't as difficult as some folks here think. The market is not a paper scam. If you stick to companies with (1) consistent earnings, (2) positive cash flow measured as operating cash minus capital expenditures, (3) low debt, and (4) low p/e ratios, good things are likely to happen. The hardest part is buying when the media is in a panic [usually after a big drop], and selling when everyone is telling you to buy [usually after a large rise].

      Good luck.
    4. krispy
      C99, I wanted to thank you for the many objective and reasoned posts you've shared throughout the year. I've recently finished reading Graham's book after your suggestion and can say that I found many applicable bits of advice to glean from reading this book. I also feel the need to return to page one and re-read it to see how much of what I feel I learned was retained. I'm sure there is much I have yet to learn so that I may maintain the discipline his approach mentors.

      If you are gathering with friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday, I wish it a plentiful and meaningful time for you.

      Best, Chris
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