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    1. cladking

      I try to keep it as simple as possible and they probably assume I need them for commercial purposes. Just be sure to return searched coins to a different bank than where you get them. You'll often need an account to recieve or return coins.

      It's tougher if you want brand new coins. Try to meet the vault manager in a larger bank that has lots of commercial customers. It can be tough to establish a relationship with a bank so they'll do this for you. Sometimes you can do something like take their coin rejects and foreign since they're glad to get rid of this. Of course then you have to figure out how to dispose of these at a profit. It might be of value to some banks (especially smaller ones) to take their half and Ikes off their hands. Try to get to know tellers in smaller banks and ask (frequently) if they have any brand new coin.
      Good Luck; SAM
    2. chevif
      would u happen to know what a person says when going in for boxes of rolled pennies, halfes, and $1 coins?
      im a new collecter/searcher of rolls. and new to coin talk and didn't really know where to turn. thx for ur time.
    3. cladking
      Yes. The blue packs have PVC as well.

      I believe a good soak in acetone will correct it. If it's really valuable you might want to send it to NCS for conservation. Keep in mind though that the silver is more reactive in this enviroment than the cu/ ni clad so it might be permanently damaged. Most blue pack coins are still holding up pretty well so your odds are good.
    4. cc99999
      hey cladking-

      I read your article about PVC on govt packaging. I had a beautiful 71-S blue pack Ike returned to me for PVC residue. is this possible? I'm cc99999 at coin community forum- and i often read your posts.
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