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    1. sweet wheatz
      sweet wheatz
      I found 22 of the 1943's and wiil send the picture to your email address. I will let you take a look at them. I had to use the camera on them, everytime I scan them they show up grey. Take a look at them, make me an offer and we can start from there.

      It took a while to find some of the other ones that you needed- my wife wants me to come to bed so I can have those scans tomarrow night. Here are the ones I found. 1915 -AG- .25
      1915 D -XF -12.50
      1916 S- G 1.00
      1917 S- VF 1.00
      1918 D- F .75
      1918 S- F 1.00
      1921 VF- 1.00
      1924 S -F 1.00
      1926 VF .50
      1927 VF .25
      1927 D G .50
      1927 S G .50
      1930 D VF .50
      1931 AG-.25
      1935 D VF .25
      1950 S VF .25
      1955 S VF .25

      I would take $20 for all of the non-1943 Steel or priced individually.
    2. Edinmem
      Not sure if message made it to you ..Will be hard to tell design in words .If you like you can call . Let me know and I will give you number
    3. TheNoost
      Welcome to Cointalk! Broken Compass. Just thought I shoulod let you know Wheat penny barter is more suited to the open forum after 10 posts. Good luck.
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    Want to Buy : Business, Proof and Restrike coins from British India


    My goal for 2012 is to finish at the top of the NGC registry in the British India 1/4 anna and 1/12 anna categories. Any help with BU 1/4 annas and 1/12 annas is highly appreciated.