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Dec 13, 2020
Jul 3, 2008
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Out West
Helping broken people

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Coin Hoarder, Male, from Out West

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Dec 13, 2020
    1. Boss
      Sorry all my old friends- I did kind of lose interest in coins and actually sold quite a few to pay personal and business expenses (mostly the Indians, some gold, etc) so coin collection is down. I will check on this site and try to light the fire a little
    2. BadThad
      Bosssssss! What you at man? I miss your posts, get back here!
    3. snaz
      Heya Boss, hope all is well with you. You haven't been on. Hopefully it is just a lack of interest in coins and not something more serious with family, or yourself. Take care, God bless.
    4. Boss
      Yes sir, I have been not as into coins as I was. I still love coins, but I did sell off some cause I needed the cash for life expenses, which made me a little sad. I have been busy with work and stuff. Thanks for checkin in. Hope you are well.
    5. Magman
      whoa, long time no see
    6. just coins
      just coins
      I"M glad you were nosey my man. I;m also glad that you noticed how unnessary his remark was. I forgive and forget. I don't hold any malice against him but I have to defend myself. I'm honored to be your friend.

      Thanks my good friend
    7. acanthite
      Great hanging out with you as well, enjoyed seeing your IHC's and lincolns, wonderful coins. The ANA show in LA is Aug 5-9, five full days so it offers a lot of opportunities to at least go once. They offer numismatic courses as well, but you would need to block out three days to attend those I think.
    8. Boss
      Thanks Scottishmoney!!
    9. scottishmoney
      I never really collected small cents, I have some but they are all usually circulated. I might have a couple of BU Indians, but they are common dates. I might also have some circulated semi-keys like 1908-S and 1914-D but I haven't looked at them in a long time so I am not even sure what they would grade. Most of my cents are large cents.
    10. Boss
      Right O BossHog. It said Gilmore, Tx by your name on both sites so I figured had to be same person.
    11. bsshog40
      Same person from NGC my friend. I just decided to try this place out. I'm on the PCGS forum also. I like to bounce around a little too see what's happening. The NGC forum was my starting place and I have a lot of respectful freinds there so I will always have to call that one my forum birthplace. haha! Take care Boss.
    12. snaz
      It's a broken ginger bread... castle. It had took 3 days to get to the point we had it at...
      a balcony, 3 front pieces glued together, turrets, fully decorated, then it was "bumped" off the table...
      A very disappointing day.
    13. Boss
      question for Dru. How do you safely retone a hairlined coin or a coin that has had long soaks in distilled water. My Lincolns look "raw" after distilled water soak, kind of like when one leaves a coin in acetone a while? I am going to start a new posts about my 1914 D and need it to tone. I will post tonight so maybe you could comment there or here?
    14. Drusus
      Thanks...the page will appear on this website:

      I have just started putting the page together with the little advice I have from my own research. This will include many warnings as well. The info I will give will include Olive oil and Distilled water, acetone, and how to treat a coin that has Bronze Disease among a few other tips. If you have some info, feel free to send it to me here:

      thanks...and you are probably right, I shouldnt have started bickering, probably a bad idea to introduce the subject here anyway.
    15. Boss
      I figured it out- thanks Snaz. I had a specific personal reason I needed it changed. It has to be approved by Peter I believe. Anyway, I keep posting new Lincolns in the Post your Lincolns if you want to check it out. Take care
    16. snaz
      How the heck did you change your name?!
    17. Boss
      I changed my user name. It's still me. Same avitar.
    18. Boss
      Thanks Doug
    19. GDJMSP
      I forwarded your message on to Peter Dave. He's the only one who can fix it. Personally I have no idea why you are having the problem.
    20. Boss
      Just updated more photos for my friends to view!
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    Out West
    Helping broken people
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    “Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace.”
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