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Jun 23, 2011
Jul 6, 2009
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Oct 18, 1984 (Age: 39)
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Dutchess County, New York

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Billy Kingsley

., 39, from Dutchess County, New York

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Jun 23, 2011
    1. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Happy Birthday Billy Kingsley,

      According to our records today is your birthday.

      Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    2. green18
      Another year and yet another Birthday. Hope all is well and that you enjoy this special day......:)
    3. vnickels
      I got a lot of family in Dutchess County!
    4. green18
      I'm probably going to be out of town so I'll probably miss the show too. Perhaps next year? :)
    5. green18
      Happy Birthday young fellow.......:)
    6. Siberian Man
      Siberian Man
      Hello, Billy! Glad to become Your friend!
    7. tmoneyeagles
      Don't sweat it bro.
      I'm not like a bunch of the other members here. I'm not going to get offended THAT easily ;)
      Hell my coin didn't even get offended, and it has a mind of its own. :D
    8. Hiddendragon
      I'd be interested in the info on the Yahoo group for foreign coins that you mentioned.
    9. zekeguzz
      Hi Billy, I have a question. Do I have to be a member of NGC or PCGS in order to submit coins for attribution? If so, are you a member of either? I want to submit three coins to one of them and I'll need your help if you can spare the time. I hope to see you at the PK Coin Club meeting on the 26th. zeke---------Rich
    10. zekeguzz
      Hi Billy, I'd be honored to be your friend. zeke BTW have you posted you rotated die 2009. You've got my curiosity working overtime. What degree of rotation? zeke
    11. davemac
      thanks billy you should see it when it is moveing.
    12. manic_mechanic
      Mine's a '96, but truth be told I prefer the '80-'86 generation as far as looks. I wish they'd make a comeback, but in today's world I guess there's not much room for a 2-door SUV.

      BTW I collect 1:24 NASCAR cars....the clear ones anyway. I only have two, I'm really more into the technical side of NASCAR so I really dig the clear bodies that show off the engine and stuff....haven't really run across any other clear ones yet, a few funny cars here and there.
    13. manic_mechanic
      Thanks! Yeah I'm pretty happy with it.....only about 5 or 6 that I see around town so I'm proud. It's in the shop right now, but hopefully I'll have it back this week.
    14. JeromeLS
      No problem, I might send him an e-mail if there's a specific coin I'm looking for =D.
    15. JeromeLS
      I'm pretty sure Berman's work goes up to John Paul II, but you can find all the Benedict XVI issues in the "2000 to the present day" Krause catalogue. It's odd that Berman doesn't have any comprehensive lists of papal coins on his website: I'm in the UK so I only order coins from the US through the internet. Does he have a postal listing ?
    16. JeromeLS
      Thanks for the suggestion of the Allan Berman book: I ordered a copy last week. This is a new project: I only have four or five decent Papal coins at the moment.

      The more humourous side of Berman is evident from Bermania, his microstate, which occasionally issues hammered coins struck in lead. See for details !
    17. DoK U Mint
      DoK U Mint
      Great Zoo!
      My Crow taught me how to love shiny things but he/she/it never got graded. 8^)
    18. TheBigH
      Which currency issue are you after? I know a few people that sell world paper money. I can check their stock to see if they have the one you're after.
    19. TheBigH
      It's the only one I know of with a squirrel.

      I have some proof coins from Papua New Guinea that have some unusual animals that I should image one day.
    20. TheBigH
      Hey Billy. That 1 øre is hilarious looking! All the time I've been looking at coins, and your profile is the only place I've ever seen one. I like your whole coin zoo actually! Dare I say, zoomismatic?
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    Oct 18, 1984 (Age: 39)
    Home Page:
    Dutchess County, New York
    I am a NASCAR fan who recently discovered Numismatics

    NASCAR, NASCAR diecast, model cars, DC Comics, trading cards. Message boards!


    Billy Kingsley Member ANA, SPMC
    Can't really afford to collect coins/currency but I do enjoy reading and talking about them.
    Still new and mostly clueless!
    Just Launched Hobby Website: