Feb 9, 2009
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February 14

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    1. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Happy Birthday BadThad,

      According to our records today is your birthday.

      Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    2. rlm's cents
    3. rlm's cents
      rlm's cents
      You said you had not seen a 1910- woody before. He is one 200918758188 if you are interested. I doubt he will come down to all I would offer him. Not even close.
    4. BadThad
      Life has my super busy my friend! Good to hear from you.
    5. Kentucky
      Hey Thad, how's it going? Hadn't seen you posting for awhile. Anything new?

    6. rlm's cents
      rlm's cents
      Apparently it is not just me. Got this from Facebook posted 4 hours ago.
      The forum and main site are on different servers. The forum needed to change servers a few weeks ago. The new space was not working to our satisfaction, so we had to make a quick change to a larger space. We are working to make sure we continue to give you uninterrupted service once we are on the new space.
    7. BadThad
      I've had no problems Dick....sorry you're having a problem.
    8. rlm's cents
      rlm's cents
      Is it my end or is the LRC forum having problems. I have not been able to log in since midday yesterday.
    9. LionelR

      A quick note that I enjoyed your Lincoln album very much. Thanks for presenting it.

      Best regards.

    10. zach24
    11. rlm's cents
      rlm's cents
      Sorry, but I put the wrong pictures up for Guess the grade #87 . Please vote again on the new #87.
    12. rlm's cents
      rlm's cents
    13. eealopez
      Are there any decent blog groups out there? I've been perusing and nothing spectacular.
    14. 10gary22
      Hey Badthad,

      I have been researching the 1988 D RDV all darn day. Had a dealer give me a verbal authentication after I had to direct him to whyat it was. lol Learned that PCGS does not authenticate this variety yet. Also the last one sold on eBay was returned because of that. No Sale was made. See that the searching started in 2007 according to the forums I looked at. But not that many have been found since. I am sending it to CONECA to James Wiles. He agreed to authenticate and assign attributes.
      I got really damn lucky, but like Ferdyboy says, persistence may eventually pay off. Wish me luck on the grading. And if you find any new info, I would appreciate it. I believe all of them minted are in circulation because surely dealers would have checked their stock by now ? Am kind of hoping the obverse die was changed after a single planchet ? Possible since they still are not coming up ?
      Anyway, thanks for the support.
    15. micheldura2
      I would like to trade a 1998 wam for a 2000 wam I have four. If you want pics I can send those too. I posted them somewhere on here last year I think. You might find them all in one of my threads. I have yet to find a 1998wam.
    16. jello
    17. jello
      Did you have a thread on CCF Lincoln lover?? about 2yr ago???
    18. DoK U Mint
      DoK U Mint
      How could do any research without bumping into THIS?

      But I seem to a simple "dirt" problem to start with.
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