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    1. Foreverenjoi
      Btw this is my first time using this website and I don't know how to us it I don't know if I sent this to a random person or if I posted it to more than one person to say... Plz help me if u have to time thx
    2. Foreverenjoi

      I have a coin and I wanted to know if anyone knew what it might be. On the back of the coin is a big star and there is a circle in the that circle are two swords then another circle between those swords and last a grain of some sort in the small circle.

      On the front is a small circle with weird writing in it in cursive. It's to small to read it.but there is a line above the word going upwards like a ! But with out the dot.then above that circle is a lot of bigger strang language writing and on the bottom face of the front of the coin under the circle is two long tree branches that tuch...but there is no try btw...the coin it's self has 10 sides to it and is made in 1909. Can anyone verify why type of coin this might be
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