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Sep 24, 2006
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Oct 6, 2017
    1. Taylor101
    2. Mr. Coin Lover
      Mr. Coin Lover
      Andrew, a visitor message and a private message are two different things. A visitor message is between you and I, but everyone can see it if they go to your profile like this one is going to wind up. A private message is between you and I, and only the two of us can see it. Go under user CP, then I think it is under edit options, you'll find it. You have to allow private messaging. You also might allow, if you haven't, the ability for someone to make "friends" with you. Try it, you'll get it. I'm going to be off line for a few hours, but when you come on readjust and try to send me a private message. Hope this helps.
    3. Mr. Coin Lover
      Mr. Coin Lover
      I was going to send you a privare message, but you don't take them?
    4. Sholom
      ... Booo, I feel like I'm being discriminated against for living outside DC.

      ..You are... but atleast you have representation in Congress.

      Oooh . . . good one!! :high5:
    5. electramagnetic
      They are from St. Louis. "H". I think?!
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