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Apr 18, 2019
May 25, 2009
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1970 Silver Art

Silver Art Bar Collector, from Tennessee

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Apr 18, 2019
      Hello Everyone I am new. Here is my question: I just recently purchased a 1977 Denver Colorado 75th anniversary art bar. It is still in it's original plastic but, I also received a post card with the anniversary logo and The Bottlers name. On the post card they ask for the name and number with a return address to Coca Cola. Does anyone know how many bars where minted and did the come with a registration card? You help would be deeply appreciated. Thank You in Advance. John
    2. Anastaisia525
      Hi, I was wondering if you happen to know anything about a 1977 happy birthday silver art bar? My boyfriend and I have been searching for one to purchase and cannot find any. Do you know of anyone that may have one and be willing to sell? THANKS.
    3. wing
      HI, can you help me out on a youngstown old miil park coke bar? is this rare? what do you think ebay would bring me? hate to sell but .......you know thank you
    4. christopherg
      I was told that you may be able to help me find some info what appears to be an Abnormal Chattanooga Coca-cola 75th Anniversary Silver Art Bar. Any help is appeciated.
    5. ocjoe949
      I have a complete set of "The twelve days of Christmas" from the Mother Lode mint from 1973. In the original Mother Lode album, with certificate showing it was set number 176/1000. I see the individual bars on occasion bringing silly money $5.00-$15.00 over spot. Would the complete set as mentioned bring more considering i've been looking in vain to find another complete set and have not been able to. Not on ebay, or any sight I can remember. None of the bars seem to ever have been handled. I picked them up at a charity auction, and after all fees, paid an average of $37.00 per troy ounce bar or $444.00 for the set. At the time, silver was $33.00. I would appreciate any feedback.

      Joe R.
    6. Sojourn
      I have about 80 silver bars "75" anni coca cola. anyone interested? also about 30 bronze. Have three 2 oz round 100 anniv coca cola. If this post is improper, let me know. I am new and dont mean to offend.
    7. Strikeluster
      Hello 1970 Silver Art,
      I dropped by your page because I was curious about your Silver Art bars. I saw your album which answered my question, I was going to ask you to post a few to see. Also I was curious are there any really hard ones to get? What are the premiums involved?

      Thanks & Nice Art Bar Photos,

    8. Nomen luni
      Nomen luni
      Hey cool man, it's not quite as lively as gold-silver, but at least you can have a conversation without it being spammed. Apologies for my thread about you... I really just wanted to find out what happened, but then the attacks started. I know you're not the kind who likes a scene, and it wasn't my intention to make one.
    9. Nomen luni
      Nomen luni
      Yo dog (as in silver), I'm assuming you're the same guy who posted on gold-silver.us until recently. Signed up here just to contact you, not really into talking about coins, but if you still like shooting the breeze on subjects like at GIM, but without the shills, why not join up at www.doomers.us. I post over there. Much better atmos. I have already deleted my gold-silver account twice then changed my mind!
    10. UCoinCrazed2
      those are really cool, i posted mine in the bullion section! Do you any reputable e-bay sellers of art bars?
    11. flyer0703
      Thanks for all the info. It's been awhile since i've logged on but my search for silver art bars and interest has been growing. Just bought some more silver airplanes. Thanks again!
    12. flyer0703
      Sir, I have purchased a silver inverted jenny airplane bar and very green to collecting. Can you tell me the history of this piece and if is is worth the $35 spent? Thank you. Chris
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