Some Lincoln Cents

Just a few pictures of lincoln cents

Peter T Davis, Jun 22, 2014
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    • josh's coins
      ooo fancy new feature.
    • Peter T Davis
      Go ahead and create your own album, you know you want to!
    • josh's coins
      I think I will do just that. Thanks for the feature. I bet you had to pay a pretty penny for it.
    • Peter T Davis
      Thank the CoinTalk supporters for that. :)
    • coingeek12
      LOL, I thought Peter and Josh were talking about the S-vdb. I thought
      "so the truth comes out, spending the money supporters give on coins."
      Then i understood what josh was talking about.
    • josh's coins
      The truth is Peter has sold some of his collection to keep CoinTalk running. Them fancy servers are not cheap I'd say the servers cost around $600/month now.

      Whatever coins Peter has are in boxes in an undisclosed location. I think he is hiding something. Perhaps he has the second 1849 Double Eagle or all of the confiscated 1933 double eagles.... He's got something in those boxes. There is a reason Peter does not talk nor share photos of his own collection.
    • coingeek12
      Ohhhh, a CT conspiracy theory..
      I like it. :D
      Anyway, thanks Peter for keeping the sites running!
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