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Peter T Davis, Jul 31, 2014
    • USA Copper
      Hello everyone! This is my first post, hope I am on the right track with it. I sent a picture of a 2015 Kisatchie Quarter with a Nice Die Break on the Turkey's neck. Is it worth sending in for a slab from NGC. Chow
    • USS656
    • USA Copper
      Found this 2015 Kisatchie quarter with a nice die break on the neck of the bird. Any ideas, is it worth sending to NGC for a slab. Thanks for any comments. Jim N.
    • Craig Falconer
      Hi there I just posted a picture asking for some help and info on coins. Hope it was okay
    • jacknzl
      is this coin 1975 proof it very shinny
    • RAnto
      I want to ask all rare collecotor and coin fans, has there ever been a DDO eisnhower?
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