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Alicia728, Jul 7, 2019
    • Alicia728
      I dont seem to be able to add content. Am I missing something? Once I hit save a message pops up asking me to wait for approval?
    • Alicia728
      Any feedback is very welcome! Whether it be regarding worth, rarity, or how I can improve my gallery to make it more accurate. I'm hoping to find something special somewhere in the mix. I'm not looking to sell anything simply for its weight in silver. If I have a coin you want for your collection feel free to ask, tho I'm becoming rather attached to them. This small collection of coins I've inherited is becoming a newfound hobby. I could spend hours researching them, and wondering where they've been. And somehow all wound up in a box in my mothers closet, and I never knew they existed! Where will they go from here?? Likely into a nice neat little binder and passed onto my children someday
    • Adam L Allison
      I have double die nickel ,dimensional and quarter
    • Alicia728
      @Adam L Allison from where? What year? I need details! Can I see a pic? Dont tease me! Haha.
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    • Marie1705
      Více stříbro na minci
    • Marie1705
      5 yang 1892
      Fake ?
    • Marie1705
      I bought a coin in an outdoor antique market.between coins
      It's a fake advice
    • Alicia728

      I'm still not sure how this site works. Were you asking me directly? Or does the question go into the public gallery? Anyway here's my 2 cents. Hehe. All puns intended.

      I'm not the best person to ask for advice, as I'm very new here. If you post the pics on a forum you will be able to get several opinions from more experienced collectors. I did a bit of googling, this is a rather rare coin. I would try and find a local enthusiast to have a look at it, as well as doing some research online. But in my opinion it looks forged. The worn areas dont seem to be logical. The colour makes me wary too, and the crack at the top. But have hope! It's an old coin and you never know. It's hard to tell from a picture. Take your time and enjoy what you learn along the way. I found a thread on here that might a 1892 Korea 5 yang. Good luck and I hope it's the real thing!


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