Post your Kennedy Halves!!

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by zach24, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned Supporter

    duplicate post...
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  3. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned Supporter

  4. jello

    jello Old+Long time Member

  5. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned Supporter

    Got this cutie today.
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  6. Morgandude11

    Morgandude11 Pro amore Morgan pupa

    Come to poppa. You would like Florida better in the Winter. :)
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  7. Caleb

    Caleb Active Member

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  8. jello

    jello Old+Long time Member

    Is this it?
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  9. CoinHawkeye

    CoinHawkeye Active Member

  10. jello

    jello Old+Long time Member

  11. Agilmore01

    Agilmore01 Active Member

    I know i posted this on a different thread the other day, but here it is again. My newest acquisition.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Ethan

    Ethan Member

    Well here is my wife's best find. A 1973 rotated reverse....not a magician's coin either![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  13. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Cool Ethan! Welcome to the forum........:)
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  14. Caleb

    Caleb Active Member

    Nice find!
  15. Ethan

    Ethan Member

    One more that many of you might have not seen. Its not a Half but its a Kennedy....I just had to get one..SHARJAH 5 Rupee X# 1 1964. A 36mm silver coin from the SHARJAH EMIRATE which was formerly listed as a coin (KM1) in the World Coin Catalog but has been changed over to the UNUSUAL WORLD COINS Catalog as X#1. The catalog explains that the Sheik, Kahlid bin Muhammad al-Qasimi, ordered the coinage but the British said he had no authority to issue the coin. It is .720 Fine Silver weighing 25 grams and having .5787 ounces of silver in it. It is a memorial to John F. Kennedy being issued just after his assassination.Low Mint = 33,000 coins!
    NOTE: 18,100 coins were remelted in 1966..
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  16. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned Supporter

  17. jello

    jello Old+Long time Member

    Nice!!!! Ethan & Welcome:)
  18. giorgio11

    giorgio11 Senior Numismatist

    Cool coin! As Jello said, welcome and thanks for sharing.

    Is there an Accented Hair variant? :eek:

    Best Regards, :)

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  19. Caleb

    Caleb Active Member

    1964 DDO-015.JPG 1966 DDO-010 FS-102 PCGS SMS67+.JPG 1966 DDO-013 FS-103 PCGS SMS68.JPG
    1964 DDO-015 (FS-103) PCGS PR66
    1966 DDO-010 (FS-102) PCGS SP67+
    1966 DDO-013 (FS-103) PCGS SP68

    Just a few recent pickups
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  20. Caleb

    Caleb Active Member

    1970-S DDO-002 FS-102 PCGS PR66DCAM.JPG 1971-S DDO-004 FS-101 PCGS PR68.JPG 1976-S Clad DDR-001 FS-801 PCGS PR68CAM.JPG 1982-P ADR-001 No-FG PCGS MS66.JPG 1982P ADR-001 No-FG PCGS MS66.JPG
    A few more recently attributed and photographed at PCGS ......

    1970-S PCGS PR66DCAM FS-102 (DDO-002)
    1971-S PCGS PR68 FS-101 (DDO-004)
    1976-S PCGS PR68CAM FS-801 (DDR-001)
    1982-P PCGS MS66 FS-901 (no-FG)
    1982-P PCGS MS66 FS-901 (no-FG)
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  21. Ethan

    Ethan Member

    I have a few 82 NoFG's but only a select few would be worth slabbing, you have two MS66 ones. Nice!!! I have a 71D version that I would think is MS64+. Nice 70S also...

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