What Coin Do You Want Most In 2022?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Aethelred, Jan 2, 2022.

  1. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    If @TIF wants it, I want to get it before she does. :D

    No, I have eras in History, people, events and the corresponding coinage from those times that I target. I never know what strikes my fancy until I see it. Then it is mine.

    Otherwise, I do not work at my Hobby. Rather, I just enjoy it as my Hobby, as my diversion.
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  3. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    A 1927-S Peace Dollar, graded by PCGS in MS-64 condition. It must be eye appealing to me and be a decent price.
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  4. Mac McDonald

    Mac McDonald Well-Known Member

    Answer: The same coin I wanted 65 years ago in 1957 and will most assuredly never have...but it spawned a lifetime of interest in numismatics for a then wide-eyed and curious kid...an 1804 dollar.;)
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  5. Spaniard

    Spaniard Well-Known Member

    This year I'll really concentrate on my Kashmir Hindu set, trying to upgrade but also pick up at least 1 new ruler, they are becoming few and far between now. Also expand out more into the Muslim takeover maybe addin some silver.
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  6. Limes

    Limes Well-Known Member

    I think this year l'll try to add just a few coins I much desire, but which are very costly. And unfortunately they don't appear often. Quality over quantity.

    But then there's this fact of collecting life... Bye bye quality over quantity :D
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  7. akeady

    akeady Well-Known Member

    After seeing something similar referring to guitars, I made this... old photo' (1988!)


    So far, two purchases in 2022 and several bids in upcoming auctions...

  8. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter 3rd Century Usurper

    I have have two coins specifically in mind that will cost in the high four/low five digits. If I see either of them I will snap them up. In the meantime it is the usual, buying relatively high quality denarii, antoniniani, sestertii, and provincials.
  9. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member

    There is a fact that most collectors and all investors seem to be denying. This 'quality' obsession is a fad. There have been periods in the past where collectors aspired to having as many coins as possible and it was common for a wealthy person to buy intact the entire collection of a deceased person to double his holdings. If that were the fad today, there would be a lot at the end of the new Triton sale offering the entire catalog as one lot for one advance over the total of all bids on the lots separately. Currently, most people are obsessed with unworn coins with matter such as strike, surface and style being secondary. There are a few that still want the best but place style over the others. This matches the current fashion in other art forms where a great work with a hole in it or reassembled from pieces is preferred over an intact piece of lesser style. Several of us own the two volume set of Roman Coins by Akerman who listed only rare and unedited coins. If a coin was easily found in the market, it did not make the book. Rarity, in 1834, was most important. There are collectors of Chinese cash that place a high value on coins that are covered with a thick layer of colored corrosion. Clean surfaced coins are 'defective' to that view. I will never know what the next fashion/fad will be. Will the emphasis return to some period of the past or will there be some new consideration? Will this change come before our youngest collectors reach the end of their lives? Will a perfect coin be worth 70 times a real junker as suggested by the Sheldon Scale or with it be 7000 as today or 7 million as investors currently hope? Stamp collectors value postmarked examples of some high value denominations above mint state ones (because of the large number that were in Southern post offices at the start of the Civil War - a very special case). Will Wabi-Sabi replace Mint State fever? I doubt it but there is no telling where fads will go. In the 18th century the Apollo Belvidere was considered the greatest example of Classical sculpture; a century later it was considered to be of poor Roman copy. Napoleon stole it from the Vatican. A bit later the Louvre gave it back. Was this an early example of 'Cultural Property' or did they have better use for the space? Today, it is mostly taught as an example of changing tastes. When I was in school, Archaic was valued over Classical. Today? I don't know. I can't keep up.

    Collect what you like.
  10. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Some of these are coming to market/ hope to get a MS ex. in 22:D I missed the one shown/ Roma Auction/ I was working....my proxy bid was off by 400UK Pounds.:( 1e5748b7c8a544cede0fc75658db6056.jpg
    AV Stater ND Ai-Khanoum Mint
    Antiochos I Stoter 266-61BC
    Seleucid Empire
  11. Johndakerftw

    Johndakerftw Mr. Rogers is My Hero

    That is great news! Thanks for letting me know, Factor!

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  12. benveniste

    benveniste Type Type

    Not gonna happen, but a coin of Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus.
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  13. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    I would love that one too:) Here is one CNG sold in 2002. 4f80a821d80b8933e507c38250feadb1.jpg
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  14. corvusconstantius

    corvusconstantius Active Member

    I collect Imperial on a budget from Vespasian to Julian II. These are my higher budget goals for this year. I would probably try and limit my spend to about £200 on each due to budget constraints.

    Hadrian Travel Series Denarius
    - I bagged a cheap Hadrian denarius in my early days. It's a COS reverse with an armoured Minerva standing there. I wish to upgrade to something a bit nicer. I think AFRICA is my favourite because of the elephant headdress, but I wouldn't be too fussy as long as it had a reclining figure.

    Decius DIVI series - I find this coinage fascinating. Particularly due to pondering the motivations of why certain emperors were picked. There's historical value here too, as Decius was attempting to revive the Imperial Cult and ordered Empire wide sacrifices on its behalf. The Altar on the reverse may be akin to those the Christians were faced the choice with sacrificing over or facing severe repercussions. I'm not too fussy about the emperor although I'd prefer if it wasn't Pius.

    Argentus, Tetrarchs sacrificing - The tetrarchy was an innovative political system, and to see the idea of the unity of four emperors being publicly advertised is astonishing on Roman coinage where the power and virtues of individual emperors tended to be the focal point. I'm not even sure this coin can be as cheap as £200 even in awful condition.

    Flavian Judea Capta - The historical, theological and cultural impact of this event cannot be overstated. For my budget it would probably have to be quite a worn example.

    Feel free to make me jealous with your own coins or point me in the right direction
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  15. Cherd

    Cherd Junior Member Supporter

    I'd be really happy to acquire the "Antony and his lady friends" collection this year.

    Antony/Octavia Cistophorus (preferably the variety with Octavia on the obverse)
    Cleopatra VII 40 or 80 Drachmaes (prefer 80, obviously)
    Fulvia Quinarius (Seemingly super rare in slabs for some reason :()

    My favorite part about the collection is telling the stories, and when it comes to content, these coins would be hard to beat! I also find Fulvia to be a particularly fascinating individual. She was a political powerhouse and woman of action, and just so happens to be the first human woman to be portrayed on Roman coinage!
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  16. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member

    I like 3 of those choices and consider them reasonably likely. The Judaea Capta will require compromise either of condition or definition of 'Capta' unless you are lucky. Your choice: Do you want a poor example with Capta legend or a decent Titus with sow and piglets that really is not a Capta type but a nice coin.

    On Decius: Consider looking for a ruler that makes a comment on the selection because that person may not have been worthy or that the political situation made his first round of DIVI coins hard to get. I agree with skipping Pius but might also prefer other than Augustus or Vespasian. My choice list starts with Commodus, Severus Alexander, Hadrian and Septimius.

    Travel series coins are also ranked according to interest of the place. Some are more scarce while others are more interesting. My Alexandria was selected for eye appeal. The Egypt has more details but I wanted a travel sestertius.
    rc1930bb1676.jpg rc1975fd3391.jpg
  17. Numisnewbiest

    Numisnewbiest Well-Known Member

    I would probably need a pacemaker to go along with this coin, because I've never seen a Britannicus anywhere near this condition - obviously smoothed fields, but who cares?


    Why a Britannicus? I'm just fascinated (I suppose in a dark way, all things considered) with the short life he had, the unfulfilled destiny that was his birthright, and his ultimate fate, as well as the fate of his sister Octavia, at the hands of Nero and Nero's mother Agrippina. I'll never understand what Claudius was thinking, marrying his niece Agrippina in the first place, and then with so little perception or foresight allowing her to manipulate the fates of Britannicus and Octavia.

    I've always had a soft spot for Octavia - Britannicus had a future to envy, even if it came with a target on his head...Octavia, on the other hand, just had a good life ahead of her that should have been something safe to look forward to, and she never got a chance at it.
  18. rrdenarius

    rrdenarius non omnibus dormio

    It is good to see varied interests here.
    I'd be happy to call it a year with any of these:
    Cr41.3a prow left Tressis CNG.jpg
    A big (high denomination) cast bronze coin. I am not picky, an III, V, X or anything above II. Until last year, I thought an II was out of my range. I'd gladly take a currency bar instead.
    Weight of 1 libra or 72 solidi.jpg
    to me the holy grail of scale weights is a one libra (pound) scale weight that tells that it is the weight of 72 solidi. I am not picky, I'd take a semis / 36 sol weight or a quadrans (III VNCIA) / 18 sol (note that 18 = XSII).
    scale wt 3 oz 18 sol a.jpg
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  19. Ignoramus Maximus

    Ignoramus Maximus Nomen non est omen.

    I'll have one of these, please.


    For now the CNG pic will have to do. And in the next few years.
    Sweet daydream, though...
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  20. Andrew McCabe

    Andrew McCabe Well-Known Member

  21. Julius Germanicus

    Julius Germanicus Well-Known Member

    I would love a Britannicus Sestertius too, but one in a light tone compatible to (most of) my other Sestertii. Does not seem to exist.

    So my dream coin would be this Sestertius (just as rare) of Agrippina Junior:
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