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Discussion in 'Contests' started by JCB1983, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    My favorite series is the Winged Liberty dime. The Winged Liberty or Mercury dime is a true work of artistry and imagination by Adolph Alexander Weinman. The obverse depicts Weinman's Bust of Liberty with wings on her head, resembling the messenger from mythology, Mercury, thus giving it the nickname "Mercury" Dime. This series is a fun set to collect because each one is unique and equally beautiful.

    As for an idea about your real estate, I think operating a facebook page may help. Have all your contact info, there, create picture albums for each house, and all the specifics in the album description (square feet, bedrooms/bathrooms, Location, property size, etc.)
    And when you get a client who is interested in browsing houses, you can start off on your facebook page and see what they show interest in and take them to the house(s) and show it to the interested parties.
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  3. beachbum99

    beachbum99 Member

    1) was Barber series. but, kinda "jaded" after the fake 1913-s Barber dime. so, now, my favorite is the Mercury dime.


    A. Social media is now playing a bigger role. I'd use Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and whatever else I could to generate "word of mouth." I'd also create a web site.

    B. I don't know about the colleges in your area. But, I was a Public Relations major. At my particular college, one had to intern for over 150 hours in order to graduate. you might want to look into that to see if there are any college students worth giving a try to learn from you and earn college credit. You could have a few interns: one for grahpic design, one for marketing/PR and one that's into real estate.

    Good luck and best wishes! :)
  4. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

    Favorite Series - Early Commemoratives
    Why - There is so much choice in the set. You get Age, Variety in designs, Low Mintages, Silver, great art works all in one set and it's hard to believe that everyone does not collect it.

    Real Estate - Well it's tough to know where you are with this and that would help with giving advice but I'll guess you have some experience under your belt and I'll add a bit of the state of the real estate market and ideas to help build income.
    With a combination of low housing sales and starts, plus the banking markets increased lending standards, I would recommend looking at rentals. I feel that that is a growing market while the sales of homes obviously contracted. I know of realtors that will list rentals on the MLS and run credit checks for people that want to rent their places. I think that is a great way to get your place rented and make income for agents.
  5. chip

    chip Novice collector

    Present favorite series, the 2 and a half dollar gold indian, why? it is a short series, with only one rather pricey coin, (the 11d) and they are easily found.

    Real estate idea.

    The way to make money is to buy low, real estate prices are xx% lower in inflation adjusted dollars, than in 2008, prices are starting to rise, act now before the bus leaves the station. Inflation is certain to make todays prices a new golden age of real estate investment.
  6. -Coin_Addict-

    -Coin_Addict- New Member

    My favorite series is the Eisenhower dollar coins because they are big bulky and weigh what a dollar coin should weigh.

    As for your real estate dilemma we can all agree that no one is buying due to the economy. Primarily you need to think outside that box. What are people worried about these days that is holding them back from buying. Few things like job security, increasing prices on everything from food to gas, mortgage and interest rates...etc. The way I see it is that people aren't buying for two primary reasons they are scared of the future of the economy, or they think it will get worse which if they wait houses will go for even less. America is stuck at a stand still and people are waiting to see America go in the right direction before they are willing to buy. Assuring your buyer is your best bet. Assuring they are making a good investment, they can afford it, now is the time to buy, and etc. Good statistics and facts about the economy can be one way to help with that. I am 24 and yet not a home owner but will be looking to buy next year with my girlfriend. All my friends, most in my age group are looking to move out of their parents house and or talking about moving out. They want to take advantage of buying a home because they know for the long run, it would be a wiser choice. I know a lot of people who are older too but no one I know out of those people are looking to buy. I would focus on new buyers who are out of college and/or newlyweds looking for a long term home. They are getting help from parents and even grand parents to get started and have no kids or assets that would hold them back. They usually are looking to buy a home for the long term to start a family, which is the perfect candidate for today's housing market. Since they are first time buyers making things easy, simple to understand, and educational will help you connect with them. Making them comfortable with buying a home will ease their overwhelmed outlook on the buying process and the real-estate market. On top of that, they have friends who are buying or are going to buy soon, which they might recommend you if they received a good buying experience. If successful, you would have young buyers with your name in their phone book recommending all their young buyer friends to you which takes care of today. The beauty of it all is that these young adults most of them will plan to buy a house again in the future which once again, possibly coming back to you to buy again and their friends as well taking care of tomorrow. As for advertising I don't think you should waste your time and money. You are not going to say or do anything that is going to distinguish you from another real-estate advertisement. Word of mouth and recommendations would be best to focus on. It's true that the amount of renters has gone up but only by a little. Focusing on people who don't have mortgages and trying to persuade them that buying a home and renting it is a good investment is not going to make a dramatic difference to your sales. In conclusion a young adult usually doesn't have kids to worry about nor any large payments. Most of them have their college tuition being paid by parents and grandparents and looking to take the next step in life. Take advantage of these young buyers to your benefit and you will grow security for today and tomorrow. Don't focus on those who have no mortgage because those people have no mortgage for a reason... they don't want one.
  7. LFCfan

    LFCfan Member

    My favorite coin series is the the coins of the Hawaiian dollars. I just like them as an oddity of history. I enjoy history, and odd things and fact capture my interest. They're not beautiful looking coins but I still find my self what to collect a set.

    As for real estate, here are a few of my ideas. You need to establish the goal of getting a good reputation for being honset and hard-work, someone will to point items, even if it might cost you a sale. I think the word of mouth recommendations that will come from a good reputation outweigh the value of a sale. Now I think one way to grab some eyeballs might be a car wrap, maybe with the line "Follow me to your next home" Corny maybe but at the start you might have to try out things that once you get a good word of mouth you can drop. I think you can you social media like Facebook and Twitter to update people about possible house they could view....along the lines of "showing a great house in X town, near great parks and schools" and you could use Facebook to "check-in" at locations to show people possibilities in different neighborhoods. But ultimately the best thing you can do is establish a good reputation.
  8. Dennis68

    Dennis68 Member

    My favorite series is the Ike dollar. I guess because I got them as a kid from family members and was amazed by the size of them. I still have some that I've been holding onto for about 30 years. Another reason is because they are relatively inexpensive in higher grades,and are easy to find.
    As far as the real estate part, maby partner with a local charity and give them a small portion of the comissions of sales,perhaps you could convince sellers to do the same.People love to give especially during the holiday season.It could benefit your company as well as people in need,and you could partener in advertising as well. If you advertise in the online world maby find someone who is a photoshop wiz and "decorate" the homes,tastefully ofcourse. Other than that,I guess just advertise,use billboards coffee mugs t-shirts especially if you do the charity thing.Also, hold raffels at your open houses but instead of the people winning,give the prizes to charity in the winnwr's name. Nothing beats word of mouth so most important is just make your customers happy and build a good reputation within the community as a company who stands behind its product,and gives a little back.
  9. kydedhed

    kydedhed Member

    favorite series and why:
    i am working on Ikes and will consider that my favorite for now.
    Why one asks? Well it is the dollar coin of my childhood. I never recieved a Morgan or Peace dollar in the general public. Born in 1967 the timing was exactly right for a big dollar coin, went along with big ideas again. heck folks we had Star Wars, soda in a returnable bottle as well as, disco.

    real estate:
    zappa had it right when he went with Montana
    business/marketing as well as dental floss.

    as usual, your friend
  10. jolumoga

    jolumoga Active Member

    So far my favorite series is the Morgan dollar series. Cliche, I know. The reason is because Morgans are struck with more detail than most series and represent an interesting part of American history (late 19th and early 20th century, when there was some kind of gold standard in place).

    Now for my business idea: one could establish the first website giving people the opportunity to trade property for precious metals (and vice versa) instead of fiat money or dealing with real estate agents. Granted, the market would not be huge, but I'd imagine it would become famous and much-needed if hyperinflation were to set in.

    Some elaboration: houses and property would be priced not in terms of dollars but rather in gold and silver ounces. Though some might say using precious metals rather than cash would be inconvenient, in the case of hyperinflation or even mass inflation that may no longer be true.
  11. Bedford

    Bedford Lackey For Coin Junkies

    Figure I'd give you a bump on your contest. Follow up is essential in sales ;)
  12. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

  13. Sandy59

    Sandy59 New Member

    My favorite if the Franklin Half Dollar
    The details are awsome

    When I had the Antique Booth I had graphics on the back window made

    Sandmans Treasures

    Antiques & Collectibles

    Phone etc .

    Pick a catchy Picture and a Logo

    Cost me about $ 200.00 you would not believe amount of people asking me qustions have you ever seen this item
    I would be polite and say let me check my records and hand them a business card & usually in a day or so would be by the place
  14. jbyers23

    jbyers23 Member

    What is my favorite series and why? This question gave me a lot of trouble at first, but the more I thought about it the more obvious the answered seemed to me. My favorite series is, by far, the 1909-1958 Lincoln “Wheat” Pennies. I know who couldn't love them! When I was no older than five I can remember being at a small local store with my mother and father. When we received our change back I remember my dad exclaiming as he held up a shiny penny. At the time I didn't have a clue about the significance, but when we got home he sat me down and let look at it. I still remember as he did he explained the coin to me. He told who the person was on the front, “The Lincoln Logs guy” is what I was told I called him, to why it was different that it was so shiny. It was a few years later that I started saving my pennies. At first I didn't keep track of what was what and I didn’t have coins books for several years, but I was held on to my “Lincoln Log Pennies”. The last time I checked, which was quite a while ago, I had a few wheat pennies, 137 lbs. not counting my folders.

    I also don’t just collect wheat pennies now I have one of every type of coin the US has ever made (with the exception of gold to expensive—maybe someday). If nothing else this contest really made me think back and remember a story that I had not thought about in sometime. It is especially nice to think about now because right now my dad is away deployed to New York and we have always been close. So like I said before when I stopped and thought about it this was an easy decision. The Lincoln “Log” Pennies (I can’t say that without laughing) hold the most value and meaning to me of any coins!

    So now to the second part of the contest: My “marketing/business idea that would help to generate business in the real estate world”. If only my sister lived closer, she is a business major and a wiz with things like this, but I will take a stab at it. Let me start by saying I am a full-on nerd, not one that knows everything, but the geeky kid that loves science—yep that’s me! I’m a biochemistry and molecular biologist no business experience at all. I’ll try think of something better that make more money though.

    Let’s see, if I was in the real estate world I would begin some research on younger persons. If memory serves me correctly, most persons 59+ are trying to stay a little bit tighter on budgets than younger persons. This could be for a bunch of reasons, but no matter what the reason the idea is the same, let’s focus on younger persons. That still leaves a lot of different demographics; recently graduated from college, recently married, first time owners to savvy buyers. So my idea needs to hit all or as many of these demographics as possible, sorry a little out loud thinking.

    The number one thing I would try to do is make contacts, get my names out there, especially if I was new. If I was not new to the game then I would try to make new contacts in areas I hadn't focused on before or at least that I had focused on in a longtime. The other important thing I would work on the whole time, and don’t laugh that I’m saying this because people forget this, I would be courteous! I don’t know how many apartment showings I've been to and I didn't go back because the person was rude. Especially in today’s fast paced world, people are so appreciative to see manners and gratitude.

    Another thing I would focus on that others might not is statistics. I would ask people at open houses, on the web, past clients, and new clients to fill out simple surveys. I would as for their opinions of what would make things better. I mean who would know better than the customers themselves. Even if everyone is saying something that seems impossible I would still try to address see what could be done. For example if everyone says that they would like to buy real estate, but just they don’t have money at the time I would think about making or find new literature on ways to purchase on a fixed or limited income safely without fear. Again, just that was just a random example they key thing would be to focus on what customers specifically in a given area are wanting. It would be far easier to focus on a small community or even city that to try to tackle the nation’s real estate market as a whole.

    Well I think I have talked, okay typed, quite enough sorry if I rambled on a bit, but it’s what I do. Thanks for the great contest and I wish everyone the best of luck!
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