TEN Cent Tuesday - Post yours too !

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by SensibleSal66, Aug 17, 2021.


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    Here's an old one that I have. Too bad about the spot toning on the reverse. I always assumed that the TPG is no longer around, but I just Googled and they're still in business.
    20210817_111839 copy.jpg

    And here's one on a magnifying glass. But it's not mine.

    Hope you're feeling better. :)
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  5. mark_h

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    1888.jpg My last dime I purchased.

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    Just arrived, AU-58. The end of phase one of my oddball type set collection of Barber dime design varieties. I've picked up the first and last year of each type, plus the less common transitions 1899-1905, so this is the last year of Reverse 3.

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  7. scottishmoney

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    One of the most collectable Carson City coins, and bought near where it was minted.
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  8. scottishmoney

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    This one is the only pattern coin I own, and one of only 24 examples minted in the size of a large cent but on a cupro-nickel planchet. Bronze examples with a cent reverse and dated 1868 were also struck but are very rare and were not made as patterns persay but as numismatic curiosities.
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  10. Skyman

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    D Doily Day, Ten cent Tuesday...

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    Nothing special but free. Recent Coinstar find. 16292433528285706216944070551012.jpg 16292434070698339087346166099352.jpg

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    how did they know the date, much less fb??
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    Beats me I thought it was funny when I saw it. If it said NS 63 ok but, full bands, that's a stretch. I guess it could be called unc.
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  16. 1865King

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    These are my other 1837's. 1837 REV 10 Cent.jpeg 1837 OBV 10 Cent.jpeg 1837 Dime MS62.jpg 1837 Bust Dime MS 64 REV JR-1.jpg 1837 Bust Dime MS 64 OBV JR-1.jpg
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    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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    For real???
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