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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Zohar444, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Zohar444

    Zohar444 Member

    I sent these in (purchased them raw) to get them in slab and grade validated.

    1) DAV-8088 Ensisheim Mint, ND, Emperor Ferdinand I (1558-1595) Taler NGC XF-40

    I had sent this one in the past and it was claimed cleaned. I thought they were completely off so I sent it in again to get the proper grade.


    2) DAV-3007, Hall Mint, Rudolf II (1576-1612) Taler, NGC XF-45

    I believed this had AU in it.


    3) DAV-3336, 1626, Hall Mint, Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) 2 Taler, NGC XF-45

    This is a great looking piece which I bought at the NYC show last year. I like the look and grade of it.


    4) DAV-1003, 1701, Hall Mint, Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Taler, NGC AU-55


    5) DAV-1051, 1713, Hall Mint, Charles VI (1711-1740) Taler, NGC AU-55


    These definitely made my day.
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  3. Art

    Art Numismatist?

    Beautiful coins. Sounds like you got about what you expected. Is #3 photoshop work or is that a special type of slabbing?
  4. Zohar444

    Zohar444 Member

    #3 is a large holder as this is a 2 Taler size coin (55mm)
  5. silvereagle82

    silvereagle82 World Gold Collector

    Great submissions my friend:thumb:
    My favorite .... Old Hogmouth :eek:hya:
  6. regandon

    regandon Senior Member

    Love the tone on that 1626 2 Taler.
  7. Zohar444

    Zohar444 Member

    Doubled Lettering on 2 Taler

    Take a look at the 2 "O"s. I think it may be doubled. What do you think?
  8. silvereagle82

    silvereagle82 World Gold Collector

    looks that way to me
  9. yakpoo

    yakpoo Member

    Impressive! They're all great, but "Hogmouth" is special!
  10. byrd740

    byrd740 Numismatist

    Take a look at the Æ.
  11. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    Those are very ugly coins.
    Send them to me for destroying.

    J/K of course, beautiful pieces.
  12. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Very nice!!!:kewl:
  13. GypsyTears

    GypsyTears Mammy 2 shoes

    Those are great lookin Z. I am torn on keeping mine raw or also slabbing. I just recently purchased a 1704 Leopold the "Hogmouth". I plan on going for the run like you Z. Where did you get all of them?
  14. Luis

    Luis Senior Member

    Congratulations! My favorite I think is the last one.
  15. Eduard

    Eduard Supporter**

    Very nice coins Zohar! - what is your main area of collecting interest?
  16. Zohar444

    Zohar444 Member

    Austro-Hungarian (Habsburg) and Swiss Shooting Talers and Medals
  17. Zohar444

    Zohar444 Member

    I said my goodbyes today as I placed them in the bank safe deposit box. Good thing we have the digital scans.
  18. MissSasha

    MissSasha Junior Member

    By "safe deposit box" I hope you mean your porch, right next to a warm apple pie for me to pick up!

    J/K absolutely GORGEOUS talers. I'm saving your pictures so I can drool over them at my leisure!
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