Stag biga on a big provincial!

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  1. Roman Collector

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    How cool is this?! Post anything you feel is relevant!

    Mamaea Ephesus stag biga AE 29.jpg
    Julia Mamaea, AD 222-235.
    Roman provincial Æ 28.5 mm, 11.90 g, 5 h.
    Ionia, Ephesus, AD 222-235.
    Obv: IOVΛIA MAMAIA CЄB, draped bust, right, wearing stephane.
    Rev: EΦЄCIΩN ΠΡΩTΩN ACIAC, Artemis driving biga of stags right, holding bow and drawing arrow from quiver.
    Refs: RPC VI, 4975 (temporary); Karwiese 804; SNG von Aulock --; SNG Copenhagen --.
    Notes: Ex-Plankenhorn Collection of Ionian Coins, ex-Naumann Auction 91, lot 927, 7 May, 2020.
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  3. ancientone

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    Very nice Mamaea on that one! Do I see more legs than a biga?
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  4. Roman Collector

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    You're right! Good eye! Triga, maybe? A die-engraver who couldn't count?

    It IS a biga on other examples, though.
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  5. happy_collector

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    Nice coin, RC. Great obverse portrait as well. :)
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  6. ominus1

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    ...hee hee i C 3 so that's it it must be :D..kool koin RC :)
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  7. Andres2

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    Great biga, congrats. Artemis' stag at rest:

    Ephese Bee 2 gram (2).jpg
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