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    The "diamond ring effect" at the end of totality in Oregon during the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017: Photo by Natarajanganesan, used under CC BY-SA 4.0 license, via Wikimedia Commons

    "When, therefore, the moon gets in a direct line with the sun over our heads and passes under its blazing orb, it obscures the rays from that body that extend toward the earth. To some of the earth's inhabitants this obscuration lasts for a longer and to others for a shorter time, whereas to still others it does not occur for even the briefest moment. For since the sun always has a light of its own, it is never deprived of it, and consequently to all those between whom and the sun the moon does not pass, so as to throw a shadow over it, it always appears entire. This, then, is what happens to the sun, and it was made public by Claudius at that time."
    -Cassius Dio, Roman History 26.1

    This coin seemed an appropriate one to share for the eclipse as it combines the Sun (Sun god Apollo) and Moon (Moon Goddess Selene) on one coin.

    Domitian Aegeae Cilicia.jpg
    Roman Provincial, Domitian Æ (6.65g, 23mm, 12h) of Aegeae, Cilicia. Dated CY 135 = 88/9. Herakleon, magistrate.
    Obv: Radiate head of Apollo-Phoibos (phoibos meaning shining or bright) with features of Domitian to right; laurel branch in right field
    Rev: Draped bust of Artemis-Selene to left, crescent set on forehead, quiver over shoulder; ΑΙΓΕΑΙΩΝ behind, ΗΡΑΚΛΕΩΝΟϹ below, ЄΛΡ (date) in left field
    Ref: RPC II 1776A (this coin specimen 3 of 3, additional coin-type added post publication); Haymann 24b.

    Claudius's description of the eclipse, quoted above is almost recognizable to a modern audience. Other ancient ideas about eclipses could stray far from anything that we might recognize as science.

    For more see notes here:

    Best wishes for good viewing conditions to all who hope to view the solar eclipse today (April 8th). Post your coins with Sol, Helios, Luna, Selene, or anything else you find interesting or entertaining!
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    Conditions are supposed to be pretty good here in central Indiana.
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    Good to hear and please enjoy it. I was looking forward to seeing this one but it’s all clouds today.
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    Beautiful day here in New England.
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    I took these today in Arkansas, Nikon D3100 with Sigma 150-600mm 5-6.3 DSC_0781.JPG DSC_0782.JPG DSC_0783.JPG DSC_0795.JPG
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    OK, 50 miles west of LA, I made a shoebox pinhole camera and held it with one hand while I took this with a phone...(crude, but you get the idea)
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    Hi All,

    Since eclipses concern Helios and Selene (the Sun and Moon), here they are on a Julia Mamea Drachm of Alexandria Egypt. Sold to me as a "19th century imitation of a Matidia Drachm of Egypt or an imitation Paduan Æ."


    JULIA MAMEA (223 - MAR 235 CE, Under Severus Alexander)
    ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT Year 10 (230/231 CE)
    Æ Drachm
    Size: 32 mm
    Weight: 21.2 g
    Axis: 00:00
    Broucheion Collection R-1999-09-14.001

    Julia Mamea bust facing right. Legend: IOYMAMAI[AC]ЄMHTCЄB[KCTPA]. Border not visible
    Rev: Helios and Selene busts facing right. Helios with radiate
    crown and aegis, Selene with crescent moon tiara. Palm frond in right field; in left field: LI. Border not visible.
    Refs: Emmett-3248.10 (R5); Milne-3038; Geissen-1880 var: reverse; Dattari-4553? (Bad image); Otherwise unlisted. See Geissen-1880 for similar reverse of Antoninus Pius (Year unreadable).

    - Broucheion
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