Sacagawea error?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Jason1367, Jan 22, 2015.

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    Hey everyone,
    For about a year now I have been helping out a old timer with yard work, and help around his place. When he learned I was a coin collector instead of paying me a few bucks he hands me coffee cans full of coins he has saved over time. Now and again ill find a diamond in the rough but mostly I use the coins as fillers for my coin books. But yesterday I opened up the can and poured them out on the table for my son and I to do our normal sorting through them.
    Instantly a Sacagawea dollar caught my eye. Not only was it a coin that was in with about 200 cents but it was silver. I tried looking up to see if there was a 2000-P silver Sacagawea dollar. Couldn't find a thing. I did find a article where the government dabbled with different toning processes. I am at a loss. Has anyone heard of such a thing? I did all the amateur silver tests. And it has a real nice high pitch tone when tapped. But I have only been collecting for a few years so there is lots I still have to learn.
    So can anyone shine a little light on what I might have or not have? Is it a sort of error? Does the "gold" toning fade? If I can get some input it would be great. Thanks!!
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  3. Jason1367

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    I originally posted this in the us coin thread but I received a vast number of theories. The coin obv and rev is all silver and the sides of the coin look like a modern copper and nickel coin. I will post pics after I write this. If anyone can give me some input id appreciate it. And in the one pic I was holding the coin terribly wrong so no need to let me know. lol :eek:). Thanks for your mtime
  4. Jason1367

    Jason1367 Member

    Sorry for the poor quality of the pics. I had to take them with my phone due to my son dropping my camera.

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    You should have just posted the photos on the original thread. Maybe you can ask one of the mods to combine them.

  6. coinman1234

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    Sac dollars have a layer clad edge too, and yes, the "gold" toning does fade. It looks ok, just very shiny.
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