Roll-searchers, post your results!

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    Lots of new people here on the forum. Best advice read as much of this thread as you can, you'll have a blast.
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  3. papermoney54

    papermoney54 Coin Collector

    that sucks that you couldnt go. nice that u got a 40%er
  4. vettejayk

    vettejayk New Member

    Started with one $500 box of halves from a local BB&T and found nothing. Next box of $500 from a different branch had one 1966 Kennedy. Not such a great haul, but I'm sure I'll get the urge to try again.
  5. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    Oh, Raoul, you liking this reminds me...

    Ace, I dumped a bag of nickels/dimes there when the DBag manager wasn't around and they didn't have a problem with it. An older female teller helped me out.

    Today, box of halves; skunk. 2x boxes of dimes, 3 roosies... all interesting. '53-S in AU, '55-S in MS63ish, '60 in MS64ish with some nice rose-colored toning.
  6. GypsyTears

    GypsyTears Mammy 2 shoes

    Called 2 banks today looking for halves and both had some. I bought 70$ worth from the first bank and got nothing. The second bank had only 5 rolls so I snatched em up and headed to my truck, opened the first end of a roll and see silver!!!!!! My eyes bug as I open the next roll and see silver and the next and the next.....etc. All five rolls were 40% silver half dollars!!!! Now thats the WOW factor!!!!
  7. pballer225

    pballer225 Member

    almost 100% sure I just found a 2000 WAM Penny, I definately see more of a space than all the regular 2000 pennies I've looked at... maybe I can scan a picture of it later.

    EDIT: Here's a scan of the reverse. Do you guys think it looks like a WAM?
  8. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    Gotta love it when that happens, congrats on the score!
  9. Yacorie

    Yacorie Junior Member

    Gotta love those finds Gypsy. I have 4 boxes that I'll be picking up tomorrow - hope to see some silvers
  10. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    I have 5 boxes to run through tomorrow, and unfortunately, only about $1500 in cash to use. Gonna be a busy day running around.
  11. clorox

    clorox Member

    $250 box of dimes: One silver Roosie, and a 2009 D in okay shape.
    $45 CWR dimes: No silver. Someone was a bit short on the way to the bank; one roll had not only a UK 5p, but two Singapore 10 cents.
    $85 BWR dimes: 17 rolls of solid 2011 D. They were in the clear plastic wrap, and my heart just sank as the teller brought them out of the vault along with the CWR. They even gave me an out on the purchase, as the teller then decided to ask if I had an account (every time at every Citibank...). It's too bad I'm a sucker for dime wrappers I haven't seen yet.
  12. Atreides

    Atreides New Member

    Looks like a WAM to me
  13. VACookey

    VACookey New Member

    3 boxes today but I let my son open most of them. He found a 1960 Frankie and 7 40%ers. I found a 2008 Silver proof.
  14. pballer225

    pballer225 Member

    Yay! and I just found a 1998 one too, haha! This is the first time I've looked for WAMs, I wonder how many slipped through my hands before....
  15. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    Nickels; 1 war, 1 dateless D-mint buff.
  16. tacobelldog52

    tacobelldog52 Member

    Bad first experience with boxes

    Box of halves-Skunk

    Box of Dimes-Skunk

    Oh well, next week brings new boxes
  17. sjlund

    sjlund Member

    $590 in dimes, skunk, $9.50 in halves, skunk.
  18. ChesterCoperPot

    ChesterCoperPot Junior Member

    I was in Boston last Fall when the hurricane came up there. I decided to try and do some roll hunting a few days before the weather turned, but my first bank I 'tried' to even set foot in was a failure..haha. I walked face first right into a huge glass window, never even saw it, LOL, just turned around and left immediately. The tellers were all cracking up, lol.
  19. UNC Walker

    UNC Walker Member

    Box of Nickels, skunk

    Getting a box of halves and a box of dimes this afternoon from a new source. We have had 4 skunk half boxes in a row and 3 skunk dime boxes. BAM!! Its' time for a change and see some silver.
  20. Inquisitive

    Inquisitive Starting 2 know something

    Box of halves, 3 40% and a '44 walker.
  21. model77

    model77 Silver Stacker

    It's not the fact that you bumped into the glass, it that you just turned and walked away without saying anything that makes it soooo funny! Amazing comedic timing! I'm sure you made there day!

    You should definitely be brave enough to return to that bank. That was a very endearing, rapport building moment. I think they would be very friendly and helpful to you. :)
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