Roll-searchers, post your results!

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. scouter35

    scouter35 New Member

    Yes, it does become quite an addiction. i have gotten up to 2-3 boxes of pennies a week. anyway nice finds!
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  3. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    Box of dimes - Skunker
    I got a box with 5 silver the other week with code "4707"
    I asked for another 4707 box but this one had nothing
    Tuff week for me, $1290 face searched, no silver
  4. VACookey

    VACookey New Member

    After weeks of awesome silver scores in BoA boxes, I must sadly report that the streak has ended. Both of my boxes today were total skunks. Not even a nice NIFC. I'm so bummed :(
  5. panther

    panther Junior Member

    5 rolls of quarters got me a 1964-D Au and a 1958-D EF.
  6. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    Wow, someone must have cashed in some old coins and you got real lucky. I think people average 1 quarter in maybe 2 or 3 boxes, I would go back up and pick up anymore rolls they have like that.
  7. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    Does anyone read the posts on treasurenet? There is a couple people in the NY area that are hitting halves boxes REAL HARD and are coming away with huge results. The reason I'm asking is because they are like little kids fighting on the posts. People getting upset because they have 20 skunk boxes in a row and the other is raking in the silver. I'm glad it's not like that on CT.

  8. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    Maybe the one raking in the silver really isn't, but posting to make the other guy mad. We've had some people (month and months ago) that I questioned their finds as legit.

    1 box of halves: Skunker
    1 CWR of halves: 3 40%ers and 3 1964 :D :) :D (totally makes up for the shutout box!!!)
  9. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    That is a nice find from one roll. I have not had one of those in a while. Good luck this weekend with all your searching.
  10. Awolter

    Awolter Monkey Wrench

    Attempted my first time at every looking through a roll of any kind of coin by picking up 10 rolls of quarters. Nothing of course. :p

    Are quarters very common? It seems like the most people do halves, dimes, and a few people do nickels... Why is this? Want to get into roll searching more :)
  11. twinsilver

    twinsilver New Member

    i HIT A GOLD MINE TODAY! I bought 110.00 of rolled halves and in it were 34 1965-1969 half dollars. not one 1964 or earlier So I went back and asked for the rest of the coins that came in. I picked up 3 rolls of nickels 1945 and earlier and 3 rolls of dimes for 4 1964 dimes!!
  12. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    Great pick up. And, WELCOME to Cointalk!!
  13. twinsilver

    twinsilver New Member

    I have been following for months with not a lot of success- so was a little embarrassed by some of the finds considering the amount of rolls I have searched then this day!!! I was really pumped with seeing just the silver edges! This was found in 2 rolls of halves.... I had to run back and see if they had any more.. hopefully I get some more like that....
  14. skistud105

    skistud105 New Member

    Box one - 1 40%
    Box two - 3 NIFC and 2 90%
    Box three - 1 Franklin, 4 40%, and five NIFC
    Box four - 2 90% and 8 40%
  15. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    Four boxes of halves; skunk, '64 and a '65 in the same roll, skunk, skunk. Pulled another '64 and a '68 out of a tray. Crappy day for halves. Did find like, ten proofs, though, weird. Also had about a dozen boxes ordered for me.

    Three boxes of dimes; 7 roosies. Should have focused on the dimes today, not the halves...
  16. cvicisso

    cvicisso New Member

    Four CWR of halves: nothing.
  17. cvicisso

    cvicisso New Member

    My CU gets their rolled coins 'directly from the Fed' (according to them). For the penny roll searchers out there: have you ever gotten Indian Head cents in BWRs of pennies? Anything else (besides the ubiquitous Canadians)?

    This darned CR hunting is back-firing on me! I'm becoming a collector! Now I want to start collecting Indian Head, Wheaties, Liberty, and Buffalo nickels... I originally just wanted to find silver and copper.
  18. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    I think that happens to most of us, CV. I've found a few IHC's, 5 total, iirc.
  19. AceFranklin

    AceFranklin Member

    2 boxes of Halves tonight - NADA!

    1 more box tomorrrow. Oh well....been a good past 7 days.
  20. GypsyTears

    GypsyTears Mammy 2 shoes

    2 boxes of dimes pulled 6 rooos.
  21. g1rge

    g1rge Member

    1 st box of halves, nothing. 2nd box, 64 & 67 same roll.
    Looking through some rolls of nickels last night, found a 92D with 45 deg rotated reverse. Had to do a double take, really neat looking.
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