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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. gmaster456

    gmaster456 New Member

    After skunking out a lot on Quarters and Nickels I decided to try my luck out with dimes. On my second roll I uncovered a 1952, later on, I found a 1946 with tons of luster on it. Great 1st box. A lot better than skunking.
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  3. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    Pulled a silver roosie from a tellers tray. :)

    Bought 55 bucks worth of coin tubes from Wizard at the whitman show along with three Merc dimes.
  4. gmaster456

    gmaster456 New Member

    I wish I lived less than 5 hours from Pilly. :(
  5. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    I'm not sure but that sounds like alot of coin tubes? I wish I had enough silver to fill $55 worth!
  6. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    Should last me a year. 30 half dollar tubes, 40 cent tubes, 20 dime, and 20 nickel. Picked up give for quarters too.
  7. cvicisso

    cvicisso New Member

    Tried a new bank today (glad I did!):
    Pulled $10 of halves from teller tray - 1 x 1968
    Got 4 CWR with taped ends. I was thinking 'skunk/dump' but I bought them anyway (protocol).
    Roll 1: skunk
    Roll 2: 1 40%
    Roll 3: 1 40%
    Roll 4: Almost pooped in my pants when I opened it. 2x64, 5x40%!! :D
  8. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    That is a KILLER find. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    Nice roll, but there's no pants pooping in coin collecting!

    Box of halves today: skunk
  10. gmaster456

    gmaster456 New Member

    If you poop out of excitement then I'd hate to be around when your disappointed or upset.
  11. GypsyTears

    GypsyTears Mammy 2 shoes

    That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had a good day with my finds but guess not.......anyway 1 roll of halves 7 40%ers box of dimes 9 silver dimes here is the pic. Yes I hit the trifecta with a 1912 barber, 35,44 Merc and 6 roos!!!!!!!!!! My first barber dime!!!! IMG_0836.JPG
  12. CoingirlNJ

    CoingirlNJ New Member

    Hit the TD I work next to today and lucked out for my 2 collections, (13) $1 coins (SBA, Sacajawea and Presidents combined) that I needed and a 1974 Eisenhower, all from rolls that someone had brought in - not bank rolls. Also got a VERY shiny and VERY yellowy-gold John Adams $1 coin, it's not a proof coin as there is no matte finish on it but it's definitely very different from the others. Will try to post a pic tomorrow in the daylight to capture it better for your opinions. Maybe from a collectors series, perhaps?

    Also got skunked on about $60 worth of quarters but there were some state quarters that were in pretty decent shape that I may swap out with others in my collection that are not so nice. Going to cash in about $130 tomorrow at another bank 30 mi north of me tomorrow, wish me luck.
  13. vtvick777

    vtvick777 Member

    Great score gypsy! Barber dimes, v-nickels, these old finds are getting crazy. Finally got my two boxes of halves for the first time in a couple weeks, they showed promise with 2 of the first 5 rolls having 40% enders, but the 2 boxes yielded only 4 40%. Box of nickels had 1 war, and this funny greaser, easily my oldest find from circulation :)
  14. cvicisso

    cvicisso New Member

    Thanks, but I disagree - I think your find trumps mine!! 9 silver dimes in one box? With Barbers and Mercs to boot?! Nah - you got me, Dawg! Nice score!! (But I'm still happy with mine too)
  15. harryrod

    harryrod New Member

    Went through $100 in Dimes and $100 in nickels just looking for anything interesting today.
    Found a 1938 Jefferson that is probably in Fine condition
  16. AceFranklin

    AceFranklin Member

    2 boxes of Halves today = 1 x 40%er. Bleh!

    Last Friday was really good. Since then I've done 5 boxes of halves for 1 40% Kennedy. Talk about the wind going out of the sails.
  17. redskins

    redskins New Member

    Box of nickels
    -1941 s
    -1943 s war nickel au
    -1948 s
    -1949 s
    -1953 s
    -1994 canada
    3x 1939
    15x 1940's
    17x 1950's
  18. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    Just in case you guys were wondering what $1k in Ikes looks like...

  19. Exquoze

    Exquoze New Member

    Did two boxes today.

    Box 1: Skunk
    Box 2: 6 40% 4 1964 and a 1952 Frankie

    Thats my second Frankie in as many days.

    Also caught a lady dumping over $1500 in mixed change (she owns a business and they were donations for something) Gave her $5 for all the mixed foreign coins and a dollar for a silver rossie. Figured it was for a good cause and we both made money. The foreign coins turned up a silver 1942 South African 6 pence slightly larger then a dime.
  20. slamster17

    slamster17 Junior Member

    Merc, what are you up to with those? Cashing in or selling?
  21. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    Broken down into bags of $200 to sell on ebay.

    Due to the coin show and picking up $500 in ikes in the past week, I can't afford to pick up any change today haha.
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