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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Half Dollar*

    Half Dollar* Numismaniac

    I searched a box of halves and found 2 40%ers, 1 1988-S proof and a 1991-D double headed magicians coin. :thumb:
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  3. downlow

    downlow Collection Collector

    Never found a hal doller magician
    have a quarter and a nickle though
    NICE find
  4. andy21us

    andy21us Coin Hoarder

    I am not a big Half roll searcher but what I look for other then per 65 coins are:

    1971D & 1977D on a Silver Clad planchet Weighs 11.50 grams. Normal weight 11.34 on 1971 to present.

    1971D Doubled Die Obverse Strong doubling on TRUST and notches on IN GOD WE and LIBERTY.

    1972 Doubled Die Obverse Strong doubling on TRUST, very strong on the "R" of TRUST and notches on IN GOD WE.

    1972D NO FG on the reverse.

    1973D No F and very weak G.

    1973D Doubled Die Obverse. Strong doubling on TRUST and Slightly on the upper loop of the "3" in the date.

    1973D Repunched Mint Mark. Strong decond D to the north of the primary D.

    1974D Doubled Die Obverse. Strong doubling on TRUST and notches on IN GOD WE and LIBERTY.

    1977D No Fand partial G.

    1982P, 1983P and 1989P. No FG

    1989D Repunched Mint Mark. A small portion of a second D protruding from the top letf protion of the primary D.

    I'm sure these are not all of the errors or variety that are known for the Half but these are the only ones I know about. Always take a good look at each coin because you never know what you might find, maybe a new variety:eek:hya: Good Luck on your hunting.
  5. Kent

    Kent Junior Member

    I am getting my first box Wednesday searched $340 in rolls so far and only found an'81S proof. Now you give me this list so I will have to look harder at these. Do you find many of these errors? I was wondering if there are proofs in Half boxes why don't Cent, Dime, Nickel, or Quarters show up in rolls?

  6. andy21us

    andy21us Coin Hoarder

    Unfortunately I do not:headbang: but that is the joy in roll searching, if you find a lot of errors then they would not be of any value and two everyone would be doing it. But I also do not search many half rolls. Because they are to hard to get from the banks. If the banks have them then I get them but I do not order any. As far as proof in cents, nickles, dimes and quarters I do fine proof in rolls but the too are far and few between.
  7. Snowman

    Snowman Senior Member

    Alex, it looks like you might have to try another bank. With my bank, i just ask the head teller and they just order them with no problem or questions asked. When they come in, i sweeten the deal and give them a bag of Hersey Kisses for their efforts.

    Some banks dont like halves from which i heard from others posts. The main question is what armor truck service does your bank use. My bank uses Loomis Armor truck service and i see there is one located in Omaha according to the web site. So, maybe you can find a combination that works in your area. They are out there and i dont mean armor trucks. Also, i wouldnt go calling Loomis either, just be observant. good luck
  8. TheNoost

    TheNoost huldufolk

    Try a Chase Bank and ask to speak with the head teller.
  9. cphine

    cphine Junior Member

    Hey all, first post from a total coin newbie!
    I wanted to start some gold/silver investing and then learned about the pre-1965 coinage. That started my "great half hunt of '09" addiction, and has also turned into an interest in coins in general, not just the silver. I'm in trouble now! :)
    I'm hoping this isn't a case of early success yields false expectations, but so far I've managed to find about $1100 worth of halfs from the nearly 50 banks I've visited over the past two and a half weeks. In them I've found:
    127 - 1965-1969 Kennedy (I left off 1970 since I didn't actually find one!)
    4 - 1964 Kennedy (one that looks relatively free of wear, but is a cool shiny black tone)
    3 - Franklins
    9 - Walkers
    1 - English 10 Pence
    About a bajillion bicentenials, but one roll of them that has toned to look like gold...really weird.
    I've also got two or three that might be errors, but I'll get some pictures and post in the other thread to see what you guys think.
    All I know is that I can barely walk in my living room right now without tiptoeing around a stack of coins. :)
  10. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    Welcome to the forum and the addiction cphine!

    From what part of the country have you been emptying the banks of their silver?
  11. almostgem

    almostgem Junior Member

    Boxes of Halves

    Hi Alex,

    Talk to the head teller at the bank. They're the ones that order coins from the fed. I went to about a dozen banks before I found one that would order halves for me. The good part though is while there, give them your name and ask that they contact you if someone brings in rolls of Halves or anything unusual (Ike Dollars). They don't want them, and If someone has been holding them for a while (Especially halves), you're likely to find something of value.
  12. Kent

    Kent Junior Member

    I have searched at least an average of two boxes of cents a week since joining CT and I have never found a proof other than in halves I search boxes of nickels on occasion because I want to put together a set from circulation I think I can find them all that way. I went through one box and found all but 30 not counting errors. Do dime boxes or quarter boxes contain much silver or since there are some many different quarters out there I guess the chances are lower.
  13. elaine 1970

    elaine 1970 material girl

    still missing a lot of 2009 circulating (not unc) coins. where to get them?. i bought (used or circulated) rolls from some banks. so far i was so discouraged.
  14. rugrats2001

    rugrats2001 Seeker of Truth

    Put some up on eBay, They only minted 15 million of them!
  15. lincolnhoardr

    lincolnhoardr Coin Hoarder

    Found a 1964 quarter at work this morning :smile
  16. acodym

    acodym Junior Member

    what do you do? A casheir? A Teller at the bank?
  17. GypsyTears

    GypsyTears Mammy 2 shoes

    Well I lost out on 900.00 in customer rolled halves this morning. On Tuesday I stopped in at a local bank and they said they had over 1000.00 in rolled halves. Well I bought 100.00 worth cuz that was all I had on me and out of 100.00 I nabbed 4 40%ers. So silly me waits till today to go back and see if they were still there......nope!!!!:headbang::headbang: Then I found a bank with 2 1/2 boxes of halves. Out of those I found 2 Walkers and 1 64. My first Walkers that I have found searching boxes.:)
  18. acodym

    acodym Junior Member

    Does anybody know if banks in Canada usally have rolls of halves?

    Because nobody uses them in circulation. I don't know if they do in the states but I hear alot of people getting boxes of halves
  19. hippieman556

    hippieman556 Member

    i have not roll searched in a while. looks good everyone
  20. acodym

    acodym Junior Member

  21. Victor

    Victor Coin Collector

    giant bonanza-unbelievable

    Got $70 worth of halves at a small bank. Have not been there for about 6 months but this bank has produced some great silver finds before.
    The staff was all new young people. The silver witches have gone.
    On my way out the teller says "These 2 rolls have good ones in them, I marked them." I saw yellow marks on 2 rolls. There were also 30 coins in an envelope, loose but part of the $70 total.
    I said "Thanks, that's what I want". She says I have some silver dollars too.
    I thought a minute and didn't really want SB Anthonys or IKES. But I said ok.
    She dumps 4 morgans and a '23 Peace dollar out of an envelope.
    "I can sell you 5 of them, someone is coming to get the rest, I already called him". I begged and offered a bribe jokingly. But no. 5 were all she would sell. Well it was a guilty feeling forking over a buck each for nice Morgans and that 1923,
    Later opened the 2 marked rolls. One was a whole roll of MS 1964 Kennedys.
    Second roll was 4 Franklins and 5 Walkers and more 1964s.
    Dumped out the envelope of 30 halves and out slides an uncleaned 1925 Stone Mountain. I would grade it AU58 or better with beautiful lustre.
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