repeater, am I correct?

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Joshycfl, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Joshycfl

    Joshycfl Senior Member

    I'm very new to this guys, so please bear with me. Found this one today when getting change from Publix. I know the condition is very rough but this would constitute as a -repeater correct?

    THanks in advance

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  3. Grbose

    Grbose CEO

    Almost if your 22 was 00 then you would have a nice repeater and a radar same both ways.
  4. urbanchemist


    close but no cigar. here are a few repeaters.

  5. Daggarjon

    Daggarjon Supporter**

    nice find, and ooooo so close. you can have a 1 digit, 2 digit or 4 digit repeater, but not a 3 digit. In you note, even if the last 22 were a 00, it still would not be a repeater. It would be a radar yes, but not a repeater.

    :thumb: cool bank stamp too :)
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