Punched in #'s and letters on Lincoln cent

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Americanvet63, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Americanvet63

    Americanvet63 Member

    Does anyone know what the significance of these extra numbers and letters? I have never seen anything like this before. It's weight is 2.5. Seems normal in every other aspect. As always, glad you are all here. Love and Light to you all!

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  3. Lawtoad

    Lawtoad Well-Known Member

    Someone punched the number onto the coin after it left the mint (making it post mint damage). As to why or what it means would be known only to the person putting the number on it.
  4. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Counterstamped coins are neat to find, but unfortunately most are worth only the face value of what they appear on........
  5. Americanvet63

    Americanvet63 Member

    Counterstamped! THATS the word I was looking for to describe it. But I 'm still curious about what these particular counterstamps were for or even what they could be for. Thoughts?
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  6. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    This guy claims to be doing it, but only since 2002

    I am the one who is counterstamping circulating US coins with my initials, DCM. I started doing this in August 2002 to mainly see if I would be getting any of my coins back, but also because it was a fun and diversionary way of tracking coins on a spreadsheet.....how many per date and mint, and when I last saw (counterstamped them).

    I don't counterstamp every coin that I get depending on time constraints. I don't stamp NIFC coins and 2009 dimes/nickels. I also don't stamp bicentennial coinage or states/ATB quarters. I've been hot and heavy into this at times and there are other times when I've taken a two or three month break.

    Anyway, all coins that I counterstamp are released into circulation from Tucson, Arizona. Probably by this time I've got them circulating elsewhere (I'm aware that one of my quarters made it to Texas). Some JFKs that I've counterstamped have been mentioned on other coin forums but not here to my knowledge. (I've only gotten my own JFKs back from the bank once).

    A year or so ago I did get one of my nickels back, but aside from that and the JFKs that I found in rolls, the rest of them are out there somewhere.

    OK, about that 140. I serialize Lincoln cents, front-facing Jeffersons, quarters, JFKs, and dollar coins. The 2001D numbered 140 was stamped on 7/15/2003! There are, as I write this, 16,800 Lincoln cents counterstamped, and about 29000 coins total.

    Yes, I sometimes have too much time on my hands, but not as much as I used to, now that there's once again a lady in my life.

    Anyway.....to the OP.....would you please tell me the city/state that you found this penny in?

    And to everyone else......if you see any of my coinage, especially the half dollars, please let me know!

    I'll try to answer questions that anyone has about these DCM coins, but I will be on a road trip in a few days and it may be a few days before I get back to you.
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  7. Lawtoad

    Lawtoad Well-Known Member

    Counter stamps on coins have been used for various things over the years. I have a few that were counter stamped as a love token. It was a common practice in the 1800's to counter stamp coins with one's business name on it as a sort of "store card" to advertise, others have political messages or the like. Some counter stamps were used to authenticate the authenticity of the coin, such as chop marks found on many U.S. Trade Dollars that circulated in Asia. The ones on this cent could be just about anything from a friendship pocket piece to a memorial to a military unit, etc...
  8. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    It's an unknown Counterstamp.
  9. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    These are two images of the coins from the guy I posted about above
  10. Robert Ransom

    Robert Ransom Well-Known Member

    Interesting post.
    Paraphrasing Moody Blues, "I know their out there somewhere, somewhere, somewhere..." ;)
  11. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    If any of you find a $1.00 bill with the words "Postage Rates Are Too High", they are likely mine. I've been doing it off and on for about 15 years. I never do it to my outgoing mail as I know what will happen to those letters and packages.
  12. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    You can read the whole thread on coin community forum. He details how many and what denominations he has done so far. He only releases them in Tucson and records the feedback to see how far and wide they travel
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  13. Robert Ransom

    Robert Ransom Well-Known Member

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