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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Elbesaar, Jun 17, 2010.

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    I just checked the photos of the 95 and 95-O and I may have posted the same obverse twice for both. The 95-O is correct (the 95 obverse is wrong). My scanning 12 coins at once caused some confusion in matching obverses with reverses here.

    I checked the 95-O and it has some etching and hairlines on the obverse. I'm not confident it will straight grade.

    That hits on the problem I had trying to collect raw Barber halves off of eBay, i.e., so many Barber halves have been cleaned and I had trouble finding original coins. Eventually, I became disappointed with all the crappy Barbers I was buying and switched over to seated Liberty halves where I had better luck in landing raw, original-looking coins. I'm now scanning my coins in preparation for eventually selling off my Barbers and reducing the size of my collection.

    Sheesh, I still have every Lincoln cent my brother and I pulled out of literally thousands of bank rolls as kids 55 years ago! Does anyone want a roll of circulated 60-D SDs? Or 1919 Lincolns? Or an entire set of Roosevelt dimes from change. Loads and loads of stuff from my early collecting days as a kid. My best finds: a 1921 dime in G, and a 1909 Lincoln cent in AU+ BN. Both blew my mind at the time.
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    It’s beat up, but finished the set.

    DSCN2675.jpeg DSCN2676.jpeg
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    Yup. I tried to buy the semi-key SLHs as I encountered them on eBay if they were acceptable and I've done well with those coins according to Coin Prices. Who hasn't done well collecting SLHs?! I didn't think I'd be in a position to buy a 78-S, though.

    Oops! I forgot this is the Barber thread!

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    Yeah, you'll get banned. Is CAC really anything more than "we agree with the grade and it looks pretty"? What you're pointing out on the 1874-CC makes it look pretty.

    KBBPLL Well-Known Member

    I'm curious what you're emphasizing with this zoom. Is there a die crack or clashing there?
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    I do so wish I could remember myself.
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