Poland 1960s commems

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by mrbreeze, Feb 5, 2023.

  1. mrbreeze

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    I have a group of Poland 1960s-1970s commems that were part of a collection I was able to purchase a while back. All of them are well done, in my opinion, but these two really stand out. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they were stored in old paper flips that gave them a really pleasant tone.

    D8ACA3B5-A0F0-4752-933A-554941AC954E.jpeg B654C750-DCAA-495F-B802-A56B4AF77B99.jpeg 12561DB6-0954-4F76-8E3F-E241E63253CB.jpeg E9C58F43-BE70-4B02-9F3D-31806E200A57.jpeg
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  3. lordmarcovan

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    Nice toning. I've always thought that first type would be great in a "Women With Swords" themed collection. Which would be a cool theme. There are some great coins and medals out there which would fit.
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