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  3. okbustchaser

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    1812 had 2 ODs...one with a large 8 (unfortunately this one no longer resides with me)

    and one with a small 8

  4. Eduard

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    All 1824 Capped Bust Dimes are overdates, 1824/2.
    Two varieties are known for this year: JR-1 is quite common. This one, JR-2, is very scarce with less than 33 examples known, most of them in VG and less, and impaired in some way.

    This example is a devil to take acceptable pictures of....did the best I could with my hand-held camera. It is graded, straight.

    1824 : 2 dime - Variety JR-2 VERY RARE R-6+ - OBV:REV - GP 2018 - 2023.png

    Another overdate in the bust series, an 1820/9 half with curled base 2. Low grade and nicked but a bit scarce.
    1820 : 19 half dollar curled base 2 - scarce variety - OBV:REV - GP 2018.png
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  6. okbustchaser

    okbustchaser I may be old but I still appreciate a pretty bust Supporter

    I always liked this one. The mint couldn't decide what year they wanted the die to represent so they just keep stamping numbers.

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    IMG_4507.jpeg IMG_3726.jpeg I like overdates which are very easy to discern with the naked eye…
    IMG_6164.jpeg IMG_6165.jpeg 1802-1 HE Cac.jpeg
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  8. charlottedude

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    And repunched dates…
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    Nobody’s posted a dollar yet so here’s one. The 1801/2 IMG_3249.jpeg IMG_3251.jpeg
  11. stldanceartist

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    I am happy to share a few new overdate additions to my collection:​

    Great Britain 1848/7 1 Penny

    Great Britain - 1848 (over 7) 1 Penny.jpg

    Great Britain - 1848 (over 7) 1 Penny - Date.png

    Great Britain 1858/7 1 Penny

    Great Britain - 1858 (over 7) 1 Penny.jpg

    Great Britain - 1858 (over 7) 1 Penny - Date.png

    Philippines 1917/1916 S 1 Centavo (Allen 2.15a)

    Philippines - 1917 (over 1916) 1 Centavo.jpg

    Philippines - 1917 (over 1916) 1 Centavo - Date.png
  12. Lehigh96

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    I have an NGC Registry collection of Jefferson War Nickels housed solely in "old fatty" NGC slabs from the 1990s. It took me years, but I finally found an old fatty overdate earlier this year in a Heritage auction. The bonus is that the coin has undesignated five full steps so I got it for a great price as well.


    And here is the link the entire collection if you would like to see it.

    Lehigh's Old Fatty Collection
  13. Vess1

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    I am a fan of overdates as well. They're a neat story and also serve as an additional element that inherently authenticates the coin being extremely unique and as far as I know, too difficult to duplicate correctly by a forger. Some I have collected over the years:

    1807 over 6 Lg Cent combined.jpg

    1808 over7 half cent obv.JPG
    1808/7 Half cent

    CBH 1820 over 19 obv.JPG

    1820/19 curl base 2 CBH

    1823 over 2 dime Obv.JPG

    1823/22 dime. There weren't many 1822s made so all of the 1823 mintage have this overdate as the dies were still good and re-used to make the 23s.
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  16. The Half Dime

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    There are actually many overdates that are very common, mostly on Matron Head large cents. One is 1824/2, which is a very common variety, and can likely be obtained for the price of an 1822 or 1824. There is truly an overdate, though, that is worth less than its counterpart. That is the 1823/2 large cent. The key date 1823 is worth more than the overdate. Whoever heard that you didn't want the overdate over the normal date? :)
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  17. The Half Dime

    The Half Dime Arrows!

    1817/4 (half dollar)

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