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Discussion in 'Contests' started by gypsy_gear, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. gypsy_gear

    gypsy_gear New Member

    one silver eagle awarded, to the person that can answer the following correctly:

    What was Kurt Cobain singing about in the "song lake of fire", and who was he talking about in the song"man who sold the world?"

    When yall get close, I will let you know !!!!

    and good luck,
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  3. tacobelldog52

    tacobelldog52 Member

    The song is about how the Christian church uses the idea of h e ll to scare people into following their beliefs.
  4. tacobelldog52

    tacobelldog52 Member

  5. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    [FONT=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]The first is about predestination.
    The second is about Bush.

  6. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    I'm going to listen to the two songs without attempting to google.. Get back to you on it. I have a feeling about the first one.
  7. Kasia

    Kasia Got my learning hat on

    1. Bad people going to h e double hockey sticks, and 2) David Bowie's alter ego - Ziggy Stardust.
  8. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    This is not one of Kurt’s deep songs. In other words he was not smacked out on heroin doing mental gymnastics in his head. Nor was he reflecting on a prior struggle. I believe that he was hinting at acceptance of his own death, even flaunting it. He was so damn cool that he didn't care/nor was afraid. I can see him in a more humanistic moment walking down a path by himself moving rocks around in his hand and drumming up these simplistic lyrics. At this point in life he must have accepted his genius and known that people would waste their time trying to decipher this song. “I can make the stupidest song, and make it work by virtue of raw emotion." He could be hinting at the absurdity of pondering life. "Hey man just pass me the joint and let’s jams." The fireworks are the end. What a thwarted romantic. I am not sure about the fireworks.. End or not. It could just be him showing off.
  9. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    Kasia nailed the 2nd one. I believe it is about multiple personalities or Bowie's Bi Polar (which I am). At some point Kurt was inspired by the relation to one of the best song writers of all time. He put his own twist on the song "Thus selling the world." Question Mark.

    (((((((((((((((((((((((------I'm Bi Polar.. No **** I'm Not------ It wasn't me-----))))))))))))))))))
  10. Roman

    Roman New Member

    The first is the Gulf War I think. As for the second he was talking about everyone.....?
  11. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    Gypsy if you ever have 30 mins and want to check out a different sort of art check this out. Isildur1 was a 19 year old sweede living with his parents who deposited 400 dollars on Full Tilt and turned it into 8 Million in a matter of 3 weeks. (taking down phil ivey, tom dwan, and patrick antonius via Full Tilt). He later lost all of his money (4 million in 6 hours). It is rumored that he has since killed himself. The author of this psycho-analysis is none other than a buddy of mine.


    (Throwing in Abba " The winner takes it all" was the brilliance of his blog. That is where people were sold. I don't know if you can dig that but it was epic because people truely believed this was Isildur).
  12. kaosleeroy108

    kaosleeroy108 The Mahayana Tea Shop & hobby center

  13. gypsy_gear

    gypsy_gear New Member

    incorrect Kasia is close on # 2 though. I would agree with Caz on the first one, not as detailed as I would put it, but close enough!!!

    you have to get both correct to win !!!

    work on # 2 Guys !!

  14. gypsy_gear

    gypsy_gear New Member

    @ JCB yeah , I am quite familiar with Isidurl1. I have watched him play on the internet several times. He never had the abilility to deal with the swings. it was either all or none with him. he would tilt, and the likes of Ivey, Dwan, and Jungleman would crush his edited. Im not sure about the part of 400 dollars though, as he had several big money backers behind him. One was a world accountant. He was a blast to watch though man. He would do some crazy ****. I seen him 4 bet once on the turn, with (what I assumed by the way he played the hand) absolutely zilch in his hand. When I say 4 bet, it was like 30 G. He reminds me of the late Stu Unger. In my opinion, Stu would have been the best NL holdem player in the world, had he not given in to the glory, and power of wealth. He was no where near his potential. Just a few of my opinions though.
  15. Kasia

    Kasia Got my learning hat on

    Sorry, not into the other interpretations of the songs. Much too religiosityness (wow - I'm like Stephen Colbert; I coined a word) in the interpretation for me and I don't wish to discuss that stuff in any depth. So, nice coin or not, I'm bowing out.
  16. gypsy_gear

    gypsy_gear New Member

    Its not a real nice eagle, just thought I would give everyone something to ponder on, but an ase is an ase. Thanks for playing Kasia !!!
  17. ozleck77

    ozleck77 Member

    OMG! A contest featuring the band that greatly influenced us back in highschool. 'got all their albums including the single in MTV beavis 'n butthead and the verse chorus verse in.......cant remember ( but it's a various artist album)

    anyways... those 2 songs are covers ( i know you know that) by meat puppets and david bowie. we did cover "the man who sold the world" back in HS though.

    Hmmmm... about lake of fire... obviously it's about ****. There were 2 songs by meat puppets i think Nirvana covered in the unplugged album. I dunno much about meat puppets but the other song is religious-like too (Jesus.....). So I guess the lake of fire song suggest that bad folks go to **** when they die

    Where do bad folks go when they die?
    They dont go to heaven where angels fly
    They go down to the lake of fire and fry
    Won't see them again til the 4th of July ---> probably the END OF THE WORLD

    or maybe coz it rhymes...

    The Man who sold the world.
    Saw the real thing in youtube before, david bowie is dancing...lmao...
    But Nirvana cover is the best!!!
    Anyways, my interpretation of this song is about homeless people or maybe a hobo. Actually it's not really the song's interpretation, it's only how we ( me and my friends) just coined homeless people "the man who sold the world" we had this silly game of who's the first to hum the intro everytime we saw a hobo.
    Maybe the song is about bowie's life. I dunno. Never heard of him til lately. 'just knew that the song is from david bowie since kurt mentioned him after the song. never had the chance to research him since back in HS, internet is limited to those who can afford.

    my interpretation:

    It's simply about Jesus.

    We passed upon the stair .
    We spoke of was and when
    Although I wasn't there
    He said I was his friend
    Which came as a surprise
    I spoke into his eyes
    I thought you died alone, a long long time ago

    Oh no, not me
    We never lost control
    You're face to face
    With The Man Who Sold The World
  18. ozleck77

    ozleck77 Member

    H-E-L-L is censored lmao. 'guess it's a sign for = not the answer. perhaps caz is right, predestination, or one's destination, when still alive, being good or bad and where will end up if dead. And that in the end we'll all meet in the same place.
  19. ozleck77

    ozleck77 Member

    googled and found this:

    "Okay, this song was written in 1970, per David, Live at the Beeb, so there can be no reference to Ziggy who would not exist for another three years. Second, I believe the lyric to be: "I thought you died a long...a long, long time ago..." Third, I am an avid, true Bowie fan, and I have been listening to this ALBUM close to forty years, now, and I love Nirvanna's version. Finally, I love the analyses. Some very well thought-out and convincing analogies. Truly, I believe that this just flowed from David due to his struggle with God and religion, much like "Word On a Wing". There's even a kind of reference to this song: "Though it's safer than a strange land...", perhaps a bit of a stretch. Anyway, Love on ya' Ricky, Tustin, Ca

    - Richard, Tustin, CA"
  20. gypsy_gear

    gypsy_gear New Member

    I know that its a cover, but I think Kurt had a different perspective of the song. The part where he sings "your face to face with the man who sold the world gets me...I think Kurt is reflecting upon himself? I am going to let some more people chime in until tomorrow, Then we will all vote on the best answer. I think thats the only fair way to do it. Does that sound fair enough guys?
  21. ozleck77

    ozleck77 Member

    maybe it's about him since he's planning his suicide.
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