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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Localyokel, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Localyokel

    Localyokel Junior Member

    Ok. I can see that we'll have to wait until I upload the slabbed pics in the next few days when the coins arrive. Here are a couple so I can practice posting pics. This is MS 61 1922D Peace dollar coin IMO. Tell me what you think.

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  3. borgovan

    borgovan Supporter**

    Trust me when I say that very, very few slabbed coins in slabs from top-tier TPGs are overgraded.
  4. Localyokel

    Localyokel Junior Member

    Yikes. They aren't very big.
  5. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    We gonna need bigger pics. Try uploading to "photo bucket" and then posting the picks.
  6. Localyokel

    Localyokel Junior Member

    Ok. Here's one of my raw coins 1922D I call MS 61. Just a sample from one of my lower end MS peace dollars.

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  7. desertgem

    desertgem Senior Errer Collecktor Supporter

    Sorry for the results. I have had some similar reports in the past on "AU-64" coins. Some sliders are unintentionally sold as BU, some are knowingly sold as such.
    I hope this link still works for all rather than just PCGS members, it used to do so. You can see the results from submissions to PCGS ( at least the ones that people don't set as private). I have found some where all coins were rejected, there is a lot of it going around.

  8. raider34

    raider34 Active Member

    If the pictures are accurate, the coin looks too white to me, and with the lack of luster, I would say it's been over-dipped.
  9. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER"

    Thats why you need tpg, It gives you assurance of what your buying
    As well as selling:rolleyes:
  10. Stilson

    Stilson Junior Member

    A thought may be look for a some of the common years tpg graded coins to use as a grading set. Maybe 58-65? You probably don't need every grade. Personally I am not real good on peace dollars myself.
  11. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    I have seen worse results from others. I also have seen a couple of coins come back bodybagged that I disagree with - I am not a peace expert, nor can I say about ANACs grading since I have never used them. It is possible they did make a mistake and you may want to try PCGS or NGC. But before doing that I would get a few coins graded by them and compare the coins - including luster and color. TPG's are extremely tough on some series about dipped or cleaned coins. Just my humble opinion.
  12. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast

    I agree completely.

    I understand that you have been collecting Peace Dollars for years and if your submission had just a few AU's we could probably see your side. However, with so many of your coins coming back AU or details graded, you really should consider the possibility that your grading skills need improvement.

    As a fellow Peace Dollar collector I can feel your pain. It is not an easy series to grade because what is wear can often be mistaken for strike weakness. For Example:


    When you get the coins back, I suggest photographing and cropping them so we can't see the assigned grades and then doing some guess the grades threads to see how the members of CT grade your coins.
  13. GDJMSP

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    The chances are extremly good.

    I really hate to say this, but what has happend to you has happened to so many others that they defy counting. And I very seriously doubt the problem is with ANACS. If anything, I would be concerned that ANACS has over-graded your coins.

    Now to answer/respond to some of your questions/comments -

    Yes - there are plenty of dealers that cannot grade any better than you. Many people who think they know how to grade coins really don't. Fewer still have the ability to recognize problem coins.

    Yes - there are plenty of dealers that will pass off harshly cleaned and/or AU coins to the public and continue to do so to the same people for years

    Yes - ANACS's reputation is not what it used to be. But that is because of the grading standards they use now. The people there are still quite capable of recognizing harshly cleaned or problem coins. But I would say that they are even more lenient regarding problem coins than NGC or PCGS. Meaning some of those coins that ANACS did assign a grade to, may not be graded by NGC or PCGS. It's not what you want to hear I know, but the problem may even be worse than you think it is.

    As you commented earlier, no I don't know you. But you don't know me either. Right now you're probably feeling like my words are overly harsh, I apologize if you feel that way. But as others here that have known me for years can tell you, that's just me being me. I tend to be blunt to a fault. But what I say is said with honesty, respect and comes from the heart. It is also often said with saddness - as it is here.

    Like I said above, over the course of my life I have met so very many who have had similar experiences. I've heard the same story time after time after time. I know that doesn't make you feel any better, I am merely saying it to let you know that you are not alone in this.
  14. coinman0456

    coinman0456 Coin Collector

    nothing else needs to be said.
  15. A question: If the coins were already graded at that grade that ANACS gave them, would you still have liked the coins and still wanted them in your collection?

    If that's the case, it doesn't really matter what somebody else says they are...if you like them, THAT is what matters!

    I have always said (to myself, anyway) that I collect coins, not numbers.
  16. LostDutchman

    LostDutchman Under Staffed & Overly Motivated Supporter

    The peace dollars were a tough coin for me to learn to grade. It took more then 2 years of doing a coin show every other weekend and looking at a lot of graded coins for me to feel that I had a good enough grasp on peace dollars to start buying them raw and sending them in. Even then I still had more to learn from the results of my first few submissions.

    Unfortuneately it's a pretty common practice for some dealers to sell really nice sliders as UNC's. Some of them know better and some of them just over grade. Even less scrupulous dealers will look for nice already graded AU58's and crack them out and sell them as UNC's. It happens all of the time sadly.

    My advice when you get them back is to really really look at each individual coin under a nice bright light. Unfortuneately having them graded by ANACS may not teach you as much as one of the top 2 companies... but pour over these coins and learn. Absorb what they are calling an AU58 and see if you can't find similarities in the different 58 coins... It may not jump off at you right away... but see if you can't see the slightest rub or luster break that caused them to call the coin an 58.
  17. Localyokel

    Localyokel Junior Member

    I posted this thread to get some additional perspective and you guys have provided it. I thank you. There's no point in kidding myself except to continue to pay too much for the coins I collect. I should be receiving them tomorrow. I'll post a few pics here and see if you can give me a few pointers.
  18. statequarterguy

    statequarterguy Love Pucks

    Talk about bad dealers on eBay! That's been my experience with dealers that have shops and sell at shows, most of them will try to take advantage of you. If those dealers are still around, I'd take the certified coins to them and complain. Of course, they'll probably claim that's not the coin they sold you. Aside from the good advice in here to learn more, before buying too many coins from a new dealer, I'd get the first purchase from them graded to see how accurate/honest they are before buying more.
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