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Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Twobit, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Twobit

    Twobit Active Member

    Mostly a coin guy but the winds of change have been blowing in my ear
    "buy some paper" so I bought these pd $33 for the PCGS and most likely pd too much ($8) for the radar but I'm a sucker for quad centers.
    001.jpg 002.jpg
    Sorry didn't want to clutter up the new acquisitions thread with small potatoes
    like these.
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  3. techwriter

    techwriter Well-Known Member

    Twobit, never worry about 'cluttering'; if it's something you like then share it with us; we're really pretty friendly and always encourage others to pursue whatever it is that strikes their fancy. I too am a real 'sucker' for the 4 digit center radars. :)
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  4. jester3681

    jester3681 Exonumia Enthusiast

    I'm not much of a paper guy either, but your prices for both seem fair to me.
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  5. Twobit

    Twobit Active Member

    @techwriter Nice four digit center radars.
    I like them a lot mine was an impulse thing in the future I'll buy em in high grade like yours they look much,much better.
  6. Facevalue

    Facevalue Active Member

    I have a 00777700 on a 2013 $2 I pulled from the bep strap, got any idea what it might be worth?
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