More Fun with Fakes- a pair of 1881-CC "Morgan" Morgans...

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Jack D. Young, Aug 15, 2023.

  1. Jack D. Young

    Jack D. Young Well-Known Member

    These proliferate the internet with some sellers actually not having a clue.

    This seller ended his auction but it is still up with good images; one would think having 2 with the same cert # would be a clue:D...

    And clue 2, the cert is dead; one of the 1st I reported to PCGS:

    listing.jpg desc.jpg


    And an error slab fake!

    slab 2.jpg

    slab 1.jpg
    Best, Jack.
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  3. lardan

    lardan Supporter! Supporter

    Thanks Jack. Problem is apparently there are more buyers without a clue than sellers.
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    JCKTJK Well-Known Member

    the scammers only need a sucker here and there to make a dishonest living.

    Jack is definitely making life harder for these scammers and i too appreciate it! :)
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  5. lardan

    lardan Supporter! Supporter

    Your right, he is doing that. Love what he does.

    Sorry repeat, was the computer not me.
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  6. Silverpop

    Silverpop Well-Known Member

  7. lardan

    lardan Supporter! Supporter

    He is that's for sure. More power to him.
  8. Jack D. Young

    Jack D. Young Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the positive comments. I am fortunate to have an avenue for reporting bad listings effectively.

    I report out here only a fraction of what I see; on a continuing theme this seller is either really clueless or something much worse...

    Both of his 1883-CC Morgans are shown reverse first, and only the first listing description cites the cert #, which is common to both of his examples.

    Unfortunately PCGS has done nothing with this reported cert and it is also no help since it has no on-line comparison images.

    listing 1.jpg
    desc 1.jpg
    obv 1.jpg

    listing 2.jpg
    desc 2.jpg
    obv 22.jpg
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