Leda and the Swan

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    Stunning ‘sensual’ queen fresco discovered in Pompeii


    Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Bithynia, Nikomedia. Æ (19mm,3.28 gm, 2h). Obv: M AVP CEV AΛEXANΔΡOC AVΓ, radiate draped bust right. Rev NIKOMIΔ-EΩN DIC NEΩ(KORΩN in exergue), Leda standing facing, head right and holding drapery, which Zeus, in the guise of a swan, seizes her robe in an attempt to disrobe and rape her...and finally succeeds. Leda subsequently gave birth to Polydeukes (and Helen?). SNG Copenhagen__-; SNG von Aulock__-; BMC Pontus, etc.__-; Waddington, Rec. Gen. I 3, 557, 316, pl. 96, 22; Mionnet Supp. V pg. 206, 1220. Notwithstanding the absence from many major references, I have seen about six examples in sales over the last four years.
    The only Roman Provincial coin depicting this scene.

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  3. chrsmat71

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    That's very cool!

    .. and that Leda was one freaky lady!
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    This is why I love provincial coins! What a great "story coin", Pete. :)
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    Nice! I love the depiction of this mythological type. I’ve seen a couple of those that have come up for sale but have not been able to snag one yet.
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    very collectible coin..nice!:)
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