Kyrene didrachms in CNG 120

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Silphium Addict, May 14, 2022.

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    Now that CNG 120 is finished, did everyone see the 33 Kyrene didrachm lots? If not, check them out because almost every known major variety is represented, including a new one, lot 533:

    This type (see my avatar) weighs ~7.8 gm on the Ptolemaic first weight reduction standard used 305-295 BC according to Cathy Lorber in "A revised chronology for the coinage of Ptolemy I" NC 165:45-64 2005.
    Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert reported 256 die varieties in his article on the series, "The Didrachm Coinage of Magas" in M. Asolati, ed., Le monete di Cirene e della Cirenaica nel Mediterraneo. Problemi e prospettive. Atti del V Congresso Internationale di Numismatica e di Storia Monetaria Padova, 17-19 marzo 2016. However, there are about 20 varieties based on the monograms and/or symbols used.

    I won a few of the lots as my first acquisitions of 2022. These additions almost complete my goal of having an example of every major variety. One was lot 540, BMC 254a = Pozzi 3285:
    The Pozzi specimen is the only other example of the variety I know of.
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  3. El Cazador

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  4. pprp

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    Did you search or find any provenance for any of the kyrene coins? It somehow looked like someone's collection but nothing was mentioned in the lot descriptions
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  5. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Well-Known Member

    There were about 35 of these extraordinary Silphium coins, a true sight to behold :jawdrop:! Pictured below are a few of my favorites ;). I've posted the price realized that includes the 20% buyers fee.

    511_1, $31,200.jpg Kyrene, circa 500-480 BC. AR Tetradrachm: 15.91 gm, 21 mm, 6 h. Ex. Rare $31,200.

    518_1 $1440.jpg
    Kyrene, circa 294-275 BC. Head of Zeus Karneios / silphium plant. AR Didrachm: 7.72 gm, 21.5 mm, 12 h. $1,400.

    530_1, $2,400.jpg
    Kyrene, circa 294-275 BC. AR Didrachm: 7.71 gm, 21 mm, 12 h. $2,400.

    This portrait of Zeus Karneios looks like a young teenager :D.
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  6. Silphium Addict

    Silphium Addict Well-Known Member

    Did you search or find any provenance for any of the kyrene coins? It somehow looked like someone's collection but nothing was mentioned in the lot descriptions
    I agree that someone must have put together a fairly complete series of varieties. It has taken over 20 years for me to do the same. I did not check for provenances on all the lots, but did not find any prior sales or collections for the 5-6 that I considered bidding on.

    @Al Kowsky
    Those are some of the nicest specimens offered. I think lot 511, the archaic tet was certainly the pick of the litter. It clearly shows a gazelle and probably a silphium plant in the reverse punch. A great example of the transition of the Kyrene archaic tet reverses from crude incuse punch to rectangular incuse punch to parallel rectangles incuse punch to lines/patterns in parallel rectangles incuse punch to object in rectangular incuse punch to object in incuse square. (Robinson, BMC Cyrenaica, xxviii-xxix)

    Lot 518, the star / star reverse didrachms shows a transition in style for the type when compared with lots 516 & 517, also with star / star reverses.

    Lot 516, Kyrene AR didrachm 18.5mm, 7.47 g, BMC 236b
    CNG image

    516 & 517 have similar style heads and silphium plants with flans that are often compact and struck off-center with flat areas, like lots 514 (BMC 228-233: cornucopia) and 515 (BMC 234-236: star). BMC 236a (star / star) obverse die was also used with a star reverse (BMC 235bis).

    Lot 518 is more similar to the subsequent lots and is even an obverse die match with lot 545 ( BMC 258a: no symbol, double silphium umbels.) (For die matches, Robinson, BMC Cyrenaica, cvi)

    Lot 545, Kyrene AR didrachm 21.5mm, 7.68 g, BMC 258a
    CNG image

    Also, here is online access to the Fischer-Bossert article I mentioned in my initial post:
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  7. Barry Murphy

    Barry Murphy Well-Known Member

    The Karneios/Silphium plant didrachms were most likely out of a recent hoard of these. I had almost 500 of various varieties on my desk a few weeks ago. They all had similar surfaces to the CNG coins.

    Barry Murphy
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