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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Hammy, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Hammy

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    Hi Everyone - I've just joined the forum from the UK. I mainly collect Hammered coins from the Medieval period which I find with a metal detector, however I've just come across some Kennedy half dollars (in a cupboard) and I would be grateful for any information. One of them is dated 1964 and looks to me as if it is a high content silver - could this be right? Two of them appear to be a sort of cupro nickel mix, both with the American Eagle on the reverse. I also have one which has the dates 1776 - 1976 on the obverse and on the reverse there is the Independence Hall - BUT - at the bottom of the Reverse there are the words HALF ...LAR (the letters DOL haven't been struck) also there are a couple of stars missing from the line of stars above the writing. I also have three One Dollar coins which I think have Eisenhower on the front (please excuse my ignorance with your currency) two of the have an eagle on the rear with outspread wings - they are dated 1972 and 1974 The third one has two dates 1776 - 1976 All three have the word 'Liberty' above the head. The only thing I'm sure about from my school days (around three million years ago - or so it seems) is that the date 1776 is the date of Independence Day. I have quite a few smaller denomination coins and a few dollar notes but I won't bore you with the details of those (well not yet anyway :)) I was wondering whether to give the lot to a friend of mine who is visiting Orlando in the next few days - but perhaps they are out of date anyway. However, I would be most grateful for any information I could get about the coins - if they are of any historical interest I'll just keep them with my coin collection.

    Many thanks in advance,

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  3. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    Welcome Ian,

    The Kennedy half dollar is broken down like this:

    1964 90% silver
    1965-1969 40% silver
    1776-1976 Bicentenial of America

    Go ahead and bore us all you want with coins and currency. That is a topic that I never get tired of discussing :D
  4. The_Cave_Troll

    The_Cave_Troll The Coin Troll

    btw, the 1776-1976 Kennedy has no silver content. also, Kennedy halves and Ike dollars generally are only worth face value still (exceptions being those made of silver and uncirculated coins).
  5. Hammy

    Hammy Junior Member

    Many Thanks Guys - I appreciate your quick replies, I'll make a note of the info for future reference although I don't expect to find many US coins around York. I'll try to put a small picture on here of my usual type of coin - this one is a silver hammered penny from around 1270. The king shown is Edward 1st. Someone dropped it around 700 years ago, I picked it up a couple of weeks back - just thought it might be of interest to you both.

    Regards Ian.
  6. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    We have a section for world coins also. There are a few who collect these hammered coins. I also find them to be fascinating. While my interests lay mainly with U.S. coins, I love to learn. POST AWAY.
  7. Hammy

    Hammy Junior Member

    Ooops - having trouble getting the picture - I'll try again.

    Nope - it's only a small jpeg but I can't get it to download - I'll try later.

  8. the_highlander

    the_highlander New Member

    heya hammy

    im in blackpool so not to far form ya.:)
    york to me would seem the best place there is in the world for ancients metal detecting.

    im sure you find a lot there.

    im thinking very seriously about taking up metal detecting and am thinking of doing this around the lancaster area, seems to be the best place around me here.

    what can you reccomend as way of finding where old settlements and coach stops and the like once there a decent book you can reccomend or a site where i could out these things.

    i think it would be great to understand the history of the sites i would search, half the fun realy not to mention it should also increase chances of better finds
  9. Ed Zak

    Ed Zak New Member

    Ahhh, July 4th, 1776...a toast to those 55 men that committed the ultimate treason against King George III.
  10. Hammy

    Hammy Junior Member

    Hi Highlander - anyone interested in coins will certainly find metal detecting a very useful way of adding to a collection. I know a lot of collectors only want near mint condition coins but I reckon that can be really expensive - coins that have been in the ground for a few hundred years or even a couple of thousand years do not come up in mint condition unless they are gold. Gold does not deteriorate at all when in the ground. The big plus is in finding rare coins - someone recently found a Coenwolf gold coin which has just sold for around £250,000 - but of course they are not found too often. It's a good idea to do some research to find possible good sites but I have to say that good stuff from the past is just everywhere in the UK - you will more than likely have some old coins or artifacts in your own garden. It's best to join a couple of forums and get as much info as possible before starting - the two I use are:- and when each of the sites open, just click on 'forum' in the left hand column. Both are very good sites, I've added my Avatar to THIS site so you could find me on the others if needed. If you need any more info just PM me on here mate. For our American friends I would also mention that I have a good friend in Ohio who does a lot of detecting and he finds lots of old American coins - so anyone interested adding to their collection this way could try the site -

    Regards to all,

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