Just published a paper on Nabataean drachms

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Factor, Feb 1, 2023.

  1. Factor

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    I have coauthored a paper in one of very few journals dedicated to ancient numismatics, OZeAN. The paper describes several new Nabataean drachms, closing some gaps in over a century long coinage of dated silver drachms. The most important finding, I think, is a confirmation of existence of Rabbel II drachm dated reginal year 31, nine years later than what was considered the last year of production of silver coins in Nabataea.
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  3. David@PCC

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    Am I correct that this is year 20?
    Aretas IV
    Mint: Petra
    AR Drachm
    RY 20 to 29, 11 to 20 AD
    Obvs: Laureate head of Aretas right.
    Revs: Jugate busts of Aretas, laureate, and Shaquilat, draped.
    13x14mm, 3.50g
    Ref: Meshorer, Nabataea -; Schmitt-Korte -
    Note: Appears to be unpublished in the standard references with regnal year 20 and different obverse legend.
  4. GinoLR

    GinoLR Well-Known Member

    sela aretas huldu an 3 lourd.jpg
    (not my coin)
    Aretas IV and Huldu, year 3 of Aretas IV, I guess...
    It was found the ground at Hegra, Saudi Arabia

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  5. Nicholas Molinari

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  6. Factor

    Factor Well-Known Member

    No, this coin has quite clear Nabataean '30' and to the left of it another numeral, most likely '4'. So overall the date would be year 34 of Aretas IV, however one cannot entirely exclude 31 or 32. Moreover, this particular coin is illustrated in the book of Younis Al-Qatanani, number 106-t3. The interesting thing about this coin is it's unusual style. The style is different from official Nabataean drachms of this period, a bit 'barbaric'. Such coins are known, but very rare, all dated late 20s and early 30s of Aretas rule.
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