Impropery Mixed Alloy 1940 BU Wheat Penny

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Pennyman Investments, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. I came across this coin a few years back and started doing some more research on it. I thought I would share it with everybody and see if anyone could provide me with some more feedback on this error. It's one of the nicest specimens I have personally seen and I will be listing it on E-Bay tonight.:)

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  3. rzage

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    Though improperly mixed alloy Lincolns are fairly common , This is a very cool extreme example . They are called Woodies because the usually look like they have a wood grain .
    I'd like to hear from rlm's cents or other experts in the Lincoln series . Nice Woody !!!!!
  4. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

  5. fretboard

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    It may be what you say but the pics aren't clear enough. Unfortunately improperly mixed alloy coins don't bring that much money on ebay at all, at least from what I've seen. You may want to keep it. Here's one of my foreign ones. ;) Mine is screamin' on the obverse, not so much on the reverse.

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  6. Mailman1

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    Very nice coin! I have never seen a cent with such an interesting appearance like the one you are showing here. I was wondering what else besides the appearance of a coin with improper alloy mixture would tip a person off as to the determination that you could be dealing an improper alloy mixture? Is is a weight difference, the coin flaking apart, bubbles on the surface of a coin that look like tiny volcanoes? Does the coin sound differently when dropped onto a tabletop or jingled together with other coins?
  7. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    I'd say just pretty much the appearance , but maybe one of the Lincoln experts could say for sure .
  8. EyeEatWheaties

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    My first time ever replying with a fancy phone. Yes folks I finally doused the campfire and decided to conform to the norm and quit polluting the air with my smoke signals.. now how do I browse to grab an image and post.

    I've got a tiger grained that r l m hooked me up with that has toned with some awesome toning that I believe is similar albeit 30 yrs earlier with probable alloy impurities causing colors. I would keep.the coin. And not bother with eBay. I don't think it will bring a premium especially with out some high resolution images to show people what is going on with the coin. Now if you want to pay and see if you can get it certified you might get your certification money back
    Get two people bidding on it and it might go to 20 but only with hi Res imaging and TPG graded slab

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  9. It sounds the same when dropped with other coins but the weight is 3.120 grams which is a little heavier.
  10. Mailman1

    Mailman1 Junior Member

    Okay, Thanks! I really do like the appearance of these cents and didn't realize they are resulting from improperly mixed alloys. (I am generalizing that other denominations of coins would also appear to have the same effect as these cents). Thank you for the education and may you have good luck with your sale Pennyman-Investments :)!
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