I have not looked this currency in a long time. It's fr 1955-F00140610* unc

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Searcher64, Oct 1, 2022.

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    I have not looked this up in a long time. Also, have two $20.00s consecutive Federal RN 1934 1st # F45767946A of 1934 series, the very next one is # F45767947A series 1934A. Both unc but not certified. Is any id of real value today? Thanks
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    Pics. Please, thank you!!
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    I wish I could. Got a new computer and have no idea how to do this stuff. My son-in-law got it and it's a windows 12 I think
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  6. NOS

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    These are definitely more valuable keeping or selling together as a pair. They were printed concurrently even though they are from different series. While unheard of being done today, plates during the '30s and '40s were used interchangeably from one series changeover to another until the plates from the older series wore out and were no longer used. So if you bought an uncirculated $2000 strap of twenties in circa 1935, there was a possibility they would be a mix of both '34 and '34A notes mixed together in consecutive order.
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    You can take shots with your mobile phone and attach them to a post using the same device. If its a Samsung let me know if you need help
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    My only resource (dated 2011) says $75 each.
    Check eBay results for newer info.
  9. Dean 295

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    A guess, I remember the last of one series and the beginning of another series. It's somewhere in a paper book on bills.
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