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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by GinoLR, Jan 13, 2023.

  1. ominus1

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    ..i'm awaiting a denier of Louis the Pious and a jeton 'for' Louis XVII...ironically i'm collecting coins of the French Louies ^^ my louie 1.jpg louis xvii.jpg
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  3. GinoLR

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    That's an unusual collecting field. Do you mean that if a coin is of a king called Charles, it doesn't belong in your collection?

    I suppose "Louis XVII" was a typo for Louis XVI. There has never been any Louis XVII in France. When Louis XVI was executed (as citizen Louis Capet) on 01.21.1793, the country was a republic and his son Louis, aged 7, could not be called Louis XVII. He remained a political prisoner and died in prison in 1795. Of course royalists consider the unfortunate child was the legitimate king, but that's not history, just ideology. There was a Louis XVIII (Louis XVI's brother) who actually reigned in France after the fall of Napoleon (a few months in 1814 and later from 1815 to 1824), and he is the very last king of France named Louis. Or do you consider Louis-Philippe (reigned as "king of the French" from 1830 to 1848) a Louis, after all?

    The royalists seem to live in a parallel universe where history has been different. For them, there has never been any revolution, any republic, empire or constitutional monarchy, and the succession of kings has been uninterrupted, and we are today, in 2023, under Louis XX, a Spanish gentleman of 48, great-grandson of the general Franco, who used to be vice-president of a Venezuelian bank... There are even other French royalists living in another parallel universe in which we are under Jean IV, another financial executive of 57, descendent of king Louis-Philippe. Let us not forget the Bonapartists for whom there are no more kings in France but the emperor Napoleon VII, a handsome young man of 36 who runs a private equity in London, UK. All this royalty has in common to make a comfortable living as financial top executives in a globalized world in which only money talks.

    For die-hard French Louies collectors it's possible to get Louis XX. In 1993 the royalists minted a medal with young Louis XX:
    Louis XX.jpg

    Or would it belong to a collection of coins from parallel universes, like the very rare 2002 Euro from the United Kingdom?
    uk euro.jpg
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  4. ominus1

    ominus1 Well-Known Member

    that is correct, save for Phillip IV, i allowed him since he killed DeMolay and was father of Louis X, whos coins are hard to come by...
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