Help! Asian rare coin Pei Yang

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Fleshgrl02, Apr 5, 2024.

  1. Fleshgrl02

    Fleshgrl02 Member

    IMG_2523.jpeg IMG_2524.jpeg IMG_2526.jpeg IMG_2527.jpeg Please help me identify the authenticity of this and the proper value
    Weight is 26.51 grams
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  3. Evan Saltis

    Evan Saltis OWNER - EBS Numis LLC Supporter

    Almost certainly not genuine. This is a commonly counterfeited type. When I visited Chinatown in San Francisco you could buy these fakes for a dollar each.

    A genuine example in the condition would be a $2000 dollar coin or so at auction.

    But like I said - very heavily faked. I have 4 fakes of this "dragon dollar" type.
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  4. Evan Saltis

    Evan Saltis OWNER - EBS Numis LLC Supporter

    It should be 90 percent silver, and weighs the same as a US Morgan Dollar. The diameter and thickness is slightly different, but it should sound much the same if silver.

    Try the "ping test" - balance the center of the coin on your finger and gently tap it with another coin. Do this while recording with the "cointester" app from the App Store, and see what happens. The app isn't perfect but should give you an idea.

    But, based on your location and the ease of importing Chinese fakes to that region, I seriously, seriously doubt it is silver, and even if it is, it likely isn't genuine.
  5. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage!

    Gotta agree, the bottom half of the dragon don't look right to me and the reverse looks counterfeit as well! Better luck next time! ;)
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