Have you been getting CoinTalk.com emails?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Peter T Davis, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Karen Green

    Karen Green New Member

    No, but I have had internet issues on my end as well. Thanks for the inquiry.
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  3. saltysam-1

    saltysam-1 Junior Member

    I haven't received any emails for quite some time, this current one either.
  4. trickys

    trickys Junior Member

    Getting emails here

    CADMANDAN New Member

    this is the first one I've ever recieved
  6. Doug Wheeler

    Doug Wheeler New Member

    I received the test email.
  7. Stang1968

    Stang1968 Member

    I receive your emails just fine. I actually haven't posted in a couple of years as I've taken on a few new hobbies.
  8. swagge1

    swagge1 Junior Member

    I received the check in e-mail.
  9. miedbe7

    miedbe7 Wayward Collector

  10. rooman9

    rooman9 Lovin Shiny Things

    Nope. Only e-mail I have ever received was the welcome to coin talk one.
  11. royster

    royster southroy

  12. alhas

    alhas Senior Member

    Do you send emails everyday? I get them once in a while, like this one. Thanks!
  13. kangayou

    kangayou Junior Member

    Email received.
  14. Antoinette Savo

    Antoinette Savo New Member

    Yes! I have been getting the emails everyday.
  15. Jwt708

    Jwt708 Well-Known Member

    I think all is well on my end.
  16. mcmoyer

    mcmoyer Junior Member

  17. Excuse_Me

    Excuse_Me Active Member

    Getting mine just fine, thank you....
  18. mralexanderb

    mralexanderb Coin Collector

    Yep. I'm still getting your emails.
  19. Mark1971

    Mark1971 Active Member

  20. Kip Caven

    Kip Caven Member

    Getting mine fine!!
  21. captain_coin

    captain_coin New Member

    I got this one!
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