GTG 1944-D Jefferson Nickel NGC

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Lehigh96, Dec 15, 2020.


Guess the Assigned Grade (NGC)

  1. MS60-MS64

  2. MS65

  3. MS66

  4. MS67

  5. Other (Please Explain in Comments)

  6. 5FS (Five Full Steps)

  7. 6FS (Six Full Steps)

  8. NOT FS

  9. * Designation

  10. + Designation

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast

    Alright guys, you did very well on the last series of Jefferson Nickels, so now it is time to crank up the difficulty and evaluate a coin that brings absolutely everything into play. Please GTG of the 1944-D Jefferson Nickel shown below. I have attached a poll for you to cast your vote and you may select up to 4 different things: the numerical grade, 5FS or 6FS or NOT FS, the * designation, and the + designation.


    As always, comments welcome, and please remember to vote in the poll.
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  3. brokrken

    brokrken Active Member

    I'm at MS 67, though I'd be fine with 66+ as there are a few very small nicks on shoulder, chin and on the left side of the reverse building. I'm going 5FS as I think the 6th is disqualified due to the weak strike on the bottom step under the middle/right pillar. The * is always difficult, as it is so subjective, but I would give it the *. So, a long way to say MS67* 5FS
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  4. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    I think that the 6th step is there. The luster is amazing but I think that the contact holds it back.
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  5. Robert Ransom

    Robert Ransom Well-Known Member

  6. furham

    furham Good Ole Boy

  7. Beefer518

    Beefer518 Well-Known Member

  8. Springford CC

    Springford CC Member

    I think the minor surface marks on the lapel and in the field on the reverse keep it from 67, but the luster and eye appeal warrant a plus grade. It a close call on the 5 or 6 steps. It looks to me like the 6th step is complete, but its not a given.
  9. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    MS 66+ with 5FS ....this one has a few more hits than some of the 67s you had but still is relatively clean and mark free (hence I bumped it beyond a 66 by giving the plus)...the steps have minor ticks, but not enough to prevent a 5 steps designation (the 6th step has too many breaks) has nice eye appeal but not enough for a star
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  10. ddoomm1

    ddoomm1 keep on running

  11. Razz

    Razz Critical Thinker

  12. Morgandude11

    Morgandude11 As long as it's Silver, I'm listening

  13. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast

    Bump, reveal later tonight
  14. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast

    Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner! Nice going @ddddd this was a tough one.


    Honorable mention to @Springford CC who right before @ddddd's correct answer guessed MS66+ 6FS.
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  15. furham

    furham Good Ole Boy

    Well I was close.
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  16. brokrken

    brokrken Active Member

    I did say I would be fine with 66+, but gave it a 67. So, I'm going to take that as a win :)
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