Glendale Coin Club Meeting Online - April 10, 2020 @ 7pm Pacific - You're all Invited!!!

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by illini420, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. illini420

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    As am I sure most of you have been dealing with as well, pretty much all in-person coin club meetings have been cancelled this month. That is certainly the case for our Glendale Coin Club as we're all still under the State’s shelter in place restrictions here in California and our library meeting room remains closed.

    So, tonight at our normal meeting time of 7:00 PM Pacific/10:00 PM Eastern we will try to have a live coin club meeting on YouTube. The meeting will be on my YouTube channel and the direct link to the meeting is here (the forum here automatically changes the link to embed the video - but to participate in chat you'll need to open this up on YouTube I believe):

    MEETING TIME – Friday, April 10, 2020 @ 7:00 PM Pacific on YouTube

    We will be having the program which will be presented by David Schwager will give us 21 Things to Do When You Don’t Have Money to Buy Coins. David Schwager is involved with the Long Beach Coin Club and is also the author of the reference book on Sample Slabs.

    To just watch the live meeting, you will be able to do so from just about any phone or computer. There will also be a live text chat window during the live video stream, but you will need to have a YouTube account to participate in that part. With that chat room, you will be able to talk to those of us who will be on screen, as well as ask questions to our guest speaker. You will also be able to chat with all of the others there in the chat too.

    Please feel free to share this link and this email with anyone and everyone you think might enjoy hanging out and chatting about coins for an hour or two.

    Finally, there will be a few coin giveaways during this meeting... including some of our new 2019 Glendale Coin Club medals which were recently done for us by Daniel Carr. To be eligible for the giveaways you must be logged into YouTube and participate in the live text chat; otherwise we won’t know you are there.


    Again, we’re trying this for the first time so we’ll see how it works! Hope to "see" some of you there this evening!

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  3. kanga

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    Hey, that's after my bedtime (10PM Eastern).
    Actually starting about 10PM is my reading time.
  4. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    Yeah, I know it's a little late for some... but it's 7pm and our normal meeting time. If we have to meet via Internet next month maybe we can move it earlier so more can be there. Thanks!
  5. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    Just a follow up, the meeting last night seemed to go pretty well. Had about 75-85 people in there watching through most of the meeting which I thought was an amazing turnout.

    The presentation by David Schwager was excellent. Remember that if you missed it, the YouTube video stays up there probably forever so you can check it out at any time!

    Take care and stay safe!
  6. Burton Strauss III

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    An actual picture of Mike was shown. Not live, from an old magazine, but it was an actual picture
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